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The journals page is a culmination of individual stories from our members (and website visitors) who are willing to share their favorite anecdotes and personal experiences regarding artist Vaughn Monroe. In Person is reserved for stories about meeting Mr. Monroe and what he was like. The Places includes short articles about the places associated with Mr. Monroe.


If you have an experience you would like share, chronicle it in your own journal. We will post your journal entry within a few days, subject to webmaster discretion in regard to content and appropriateness. Feel free to submit as many journal entries as you have stories. Click here to email your narrative and any photo attachments.

Journal Entries

In Person

1.  My Lucky Day by Lou Kohnen
2.  A Special Day by Shari (Monroe) Raffaeli
3.  A Huge Surprise by Tinker (Cunningham) Rautenberg
4.  The Tie Exchange by Richard Longtin, Sr.
5.  Memories of a Set Lighting Tech by Ed Thompson
6.  Vaughn's Favorite Song by Jack Roden
7.  Meeting at Bamberger's Department Store by Herb Wasserman
8. Sparks Flew by Rochelle Frank
9. To Impress a Girl by Daniel Mugan
10. Interviews and Autographs by Jay Montague (includes photographs)
11. First Band I Saw In Person by John Wira
12. I Danced with Dynamite by Patricia Wira
13. Bobsledding Bandleader by Kay Jones (includes photograph)
14. My Memories of Vaughn by Kevin Beachy
15. The Texas Kids by Mary Jo (Thomas) Grogan
16. College Memories by Lynn Plagge Dunham
17. So You Like Vaughn Monroe by James Stewart
18. First Theatre Engagement by Benny West
19. When Vaughn Played the Meadows by Polly Attridge
20. Vaughn at the Worcester Memorial Auditorium by Polly Attridge
21. Vaughn at Boston Garden by Polly Attridge
22. My Invitation from Vaughn by Benny West
23. Reminiscing with Dixon Gayer by Claire Schwartz
24. Cruising Vessel "Kungsolm" by Sven E. Borg
25. Wow, Is He Big! by Neil MacNevin
26. Just Another Parishioner by Jon T. Melick
27. Vaughn at Duke University by Polly Attridge
28. The Monroe's in Jeannette by Frank Zimowski
29. Music for Yachtsmen by Betty Johnson
30. Detroit Meeting by Donald Richards
31. Memories of the Monroes by Stephen Block
32. VMFC National President by Eileen Havey (includes photographs)
33. The Band Breaks for Beer by Tom Shedosky (includes photograph)
34. Airport Assistance by Morris Rainville
35. Palace Brought a Bit of Glitz to Downtown by Bob Marcotte, submitted by Tim Ellingham
36. A Short Recollection by Joe Szymanski
37. Cards and Letters from Vaughn  by Eileen Havey (includes photographs)
38. Ace Keller by Candy Keller - Raber
39. Dubuque Summer Festival 1964 by Paul Hemmer
40. Cookouts in Framingham by Richard Paine (includes photograph)
41 David Bryon Monroe by Claudia Haslett Monroe (includes photograph)
42 Childhood Memories by Bill Caterino

The Places (all entries include photographs)

1.  The Story of the Meadows by Richard and Patricia Longtin
2.  Seiler's Ten Acres by Richard & Patricia Longtin
3. Jeannette High School Alma Mater by Anita Howe Binder
4. High School Days - Jeannette, PA  by Claire Schwartz
5. Vaughn's Houses by Richard & Patricia Longtin and Claire Schwartz
6. High School Days - Cudahy, WI by Richard & Patricia Longtin
7. The Meadows Route 9 - On the Turnpike by Richard & Patricia Longtin
8. Vaughn Monroe "Down Under" - An Australian Perspective  by Patrick Gardner
9. Vaughn's New Hampshire Hideaway by Richard Longtin

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