The Monroe's in Jeannette

I grew up in Jeannette during the World War II years and like teenagers everywhere enthralled by Vaughn's association with our hometown. When his band played in the Pittsburgh area, generally at one of the major amusement parks, we would travel there in a large group. I remember going backstage during an intermission and being introduced to him by his niece who was in our party. Time has erased the details, but it is logical that the niece mentioned would be acquired by his marriage.

I left Jeannette in 1952 with only sporadic visits since then. Most of my contemporaries have also left or died. My only significant memory of the Monroe family was Vaughn's mother. She was a rather stout lady whose attire was very colorful (most unusual for the forties and small town living). It was hard to miss her visually while she strolled in the downtown area.

He (or one of his arrangers) wrote the Jeannette High School "Alma Mater," which is still played in the town and at school events. The Alma Mater issue needs clarification. I don't really remember it from my high school days. That is why I alluded to it possibly being written by one of his arrangers while in the band's popular days. I too have seen the musical score, but it lists Vaughn as the writer citing only his class graduation date of 1929. Someone else may have the answer to when it was written. Some people claim he is the only notable graduate achieving fame on the national scene.

Submitted by: Frank Zimowski