Airport Assistance

Just a brief comment about Vaughn Monroe -- In 1946, as I recall, I was at the Conway Center Airport in New Hampshire on a quiet Sunday afternoon chatting with the airport manager when I noticed a Blue twin-engine airplane land and taxi up to a tie-down area.  I decided to go out and help the pilot who was getting his things out of the airplane.  As I approached the airplane I noticed that the name "Cantina," along with musical notes on either side, had been painted on the fuselage at an angle.  I told the pilot, whom I did not know, that I would like to help him with the tie down. He appreciated that and he thanked me.  As we returned to the office he got into an automobile that was waiting for him and I returned to chat with the airport manager. The manager said to me: "Do you know who that person is?" -- my reply was no.  The manager said: "That is Vaughn Monroe."  I was truly astonished as he was one of my very favorite singers and I have listened to him for years. 


Submitted by: Morris Rainville (retired pilot)