Ace Keller


I am helping my dad, Ace Keller (88 years old), write his Memoirs of being a pilot in the USAF from 1941 - 1965. He flew to New Orleans to pick up Mr. Monroe, the Band, and the Moonmaids in a military plane to transport them back to Rapid City, SD, for a show. This show was also broadcast over the radio on the Saturday evening, "Camel Caravan." Then, the next day, Dad flew everyone to Billings, MT for another show. On the way, Mr. Monroe asked my dad if he would like to be his private pilot. My dad was ecstatic, and took 30 days leave to start the job while he started wrapping up his Air Force career. Just as he was about to sign the final papers, the Korean Conflict started and he was ordered back to the base by the next day at 7:00 a.m. My Dad stated what a terrific person Vaughn Monroe was and a good pilot in his own right.



Submitted by: Candy Keller - Raber