My Lucky Day

I met Vaughn in 1950 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I had been a devoted fan since the mid 40's as a child. My mother's cousin, John McMahon, was a politician there. I spent summers staying with John's mother. John had me come to his house one evening for supper. While we were waiting for the meal up drives Vaughn on a motorcycle. John had told him about me and asked him to supper. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. The time flew and Vaughn had to leave, but first he invited me to the show that evening on Steel Pier, free ticket and all.

I didn't have a suit with me or even a sport coat so I wore my best shirt and pants, and John lent me a tie. The band was already playing when I arrived and I thought I would just sit around and listen. There wasn't much of a crowd as I recall, probably under 50 persons, most of them dancing. Well, he spots me and asks me up on the stage. I guess John had told him that I did a pretty good imitation so he embarrassed me into singing with the band. I did "Did You Ever See A Dream Walking" and I don't know if I did it right or not, I was so nervous. The audience applauded though! I stayed around the rest of the evening but no more vocals. We did have a good conversation during the break though. Vaughn was a private pilot and I was interested in flying too. I got my own license in 1955.

I kept buying his records but didn't see him again until 1956 or 1957 while I was working at a television station in Elmira, New York. That was our last meeting.

Submitted by: Lou Kohnen