". . . So You Like Vaughn Monroe"

When I was a junior in high school, in 1962, Vaughn came to Columbus, Ohio to perform at a night club. I went to Columbus to catch some of his shows, and was in a department store. While I was checking out his bin in the record department, I just about went ape when I found the two new Dot stereo LP's "His Greatest Hits" and "Stomps." I was talking away about finding these new albums to a friend of mine, when this deep, resonate voice said, ". . . so you like Vaughn Monroe." I said, "Oh, my, yes," and then realized the voice was that of none other than VAUGHN MONROE!! What an amazing fate! He was most kind and autographed both albums.

I told him I was in Columbus to catch his shows that day at The Maramor (he was giving a Saturday matinee in addition to an evening show). He invited me to stick around after the show so we could chat. He looked for me and my friend, and we sat and talked for a long time about his records. He was so wonderful!! I think he was joyous to know that high schoolers in 1963 collected his records. I had already gotten to know Gisele MacKenzie and The McGuire Sisters, who were always nice to me, but the thing that impressed me was how much Vaughn knew about his own recordings!! Gisele and The McG's really didn't pay attention to their recorded catalogs, but I could talk with Vaughn about the flip side of this record, and when this was released, and what labels they were on . . . Very nifty. Not long after that, Gisele was hosting "The Mike Douglas Show" and one of her guests during that week was Vaughn Monroe. Love it when my favorites' paths crossed!!

In later years, I managed to meet Vaughn from time to time. Not long before his death, as I recall, he was appearing at the Columbus Air Show and sang "The Star Spangled Banner" and a few other things. He always remembered me and was always so kind and mild mannered.

Submitted by: James Stewart