Memories of the Monroes

I should tell you upfront that my friend is a wonderful LADY who has been a friend of my own family for several years. She often talks of Vaughn and his family; always pleasant memories. She has two daughters and her oldest daughter often played with the older girl as they were about the same age. "Pop" and "Mom" Monroe rented an apartment from her family when they lived West Haven. Pop worked for for Armstrong Tire at the time.

Vaughn once tried to entice her to ride in his plane when he was playing in Bridgeport. But at the time she had never flown so she declined the offer. My friend and her late husband went to see the band whenever they appeared in the New Haven area. Her husband once rode with Vaughn along with his mom to a gig. My friend was taken by car with Pop to Bridgeport. She still remembers both parents as being wonderful people.

She remembers Vaughn as having a great sense of humor often joking and teasing. I should tell you she is now 90 years old. They saw him once at the famous Paramount Theatre in N.Y.C. She told a friend that was with them that she knew Vaughn and this was greeted as nothing more than an exaggeration until they went backstage to chat with him.

She also has fond memories of Ziggy Talent who once admired her husband's tie and took it right off his neck. My friend will look for any photos or other items pertaining to these long-ago memories that may still be available. Not being too acquainted with the internet she was amazed to see such a wonderful tribute website as you have created honoring Vaughn and his band members.

My friend was saddened to hear of Bill Monroe's death. She too had pleasant memories of him. When my friend knew him he had two boys at the time.

She also had fond memories of Pop and Mom Monroe. "Mom" often took my friend's oldest daughter shopping with her whenever they shopped in New Haven. "Mom" was so thoughtful that she always placed a note attached to the girl in case of a sudden health problem happening which might have left the young girl unattended. My friend also has pleasant memories of "Pop." Her daughter often played with their oldest daughter. They rented an apartment from her family in the same building in West Haven, Connecticut. When he first met with them to rent he introduced himself as the father of Vaughn which was not believed at the time. As she remembers he worked for Armstrong Rubber in West Haven as a chemist she thinks. Pop visited her family one day only to discover they were on the way to visit my friend's daughter's graduation in West Haven H.S. so he tagged along. He also had a black poodle named Mambo and my friend often chided "Hey Mambo Italiano..." Pop had so many talents that it is difficult to name them all. He once took a car completely apart and everyone feared he would never get it put back together again. He did it with ease!!

Submitted by: Stephen Block