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Backstage. The word suggests a special privilege as in an invitation to meet a performer personally, aside from the show staged for public viewing. This is exactly the feeling that we want to create with the Backstage Pages, which give a more personal glimpse into the life and career of Vaughn Monroe.


We have arranged a wide assortment of photographs, quotes, interviews, articles and memorabilia to pique your interest. If you're already a fan, happy browsing. If you are just discovering the amazing talent of Mr. Monroe, it is our sincere hope that you come away with a deeper appreciation of his contribution to the American pop culture of the 1940s and 50s.


Vaughn Monroe

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Sharing the recollections and life events of our members and their favorite maestro.


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Journal "Vaughn's New Hampshire Hideaway" by Richard Longtin 7/6/14

Tribute by E. Hendrickson, MD submitted in May 2009 now included in Tributes section. 11/22/13

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What used to be the Sustaining Member Pages are now the Backstage Pages.  11/2/13

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The last time I saw Vaughn was a most unlikely accidental meeting. 

Walking up Michigan Ave. at 7 a.m. toward the Chicago-Sheraton, I noticed a disreputable-looking character leaning against the hotel's canopy pole. As I got closer I thought the figure looked familiar. Then I was sure I knew the "bum."

A familiar voice boomed, "Bernie Woods--what the hell are you doing on Michigan Avenue at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning?"

The voice was unmistakable behind the two-day beard. The beat-up old cap and well-worn jacket were Vaughn Monroe's flying clothes. He and his wife Marian were on the way to a Las Vegas booking.

When the Music Stopped - The Big Band Era Remembered by Bernie Woods, 1994

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