Music for Yachtsmen

I knew Vaughn in the 1950s when the "Music for Yachtsmen" LP was produced. Our recording director was Charles Grean, my manager. He and Vaughn were great sailors, and I do know that late in their lives, they were together quite a lot in the waters of the Caribbean.

Yachting Magazine requested this album, and it was made primarily for them. MG Productions of Boston were in charge, as I remember. It was not sold in stores, but was a promotion for the magazine.

I did talk about the album on the Jack Paar Show and sang "Red Sails in the Sunset" many times, mentioning that Vaughn sang it on the album. I would later record it and have it on "Betty's Hits, Vol. 2."

I did love singing with him [Vaughn], and found him to be very professional. By that, I mean that he knew his assignment and we did the takes in the studio (Gorham, New York, NY) in the prescribed time. That is unusual, I can tell you. He was a gentleman and a wonderful performer. It was sheer joy working with a true professional. I remember him with great fondness.

Yes, MG Productions is definitely Monroe and Grean.

Submitted by: Betty Johnson