Childhood Memories

I went to the Vaughn Monroe concert last night (Dan Gabel's March 2, 2014 Master's recital) in Boston and both Candy and Christy were there. We were all close friends growing up. I was at their house all the time. We were young and a little wild. I mentioned some things to Christy that she had forgotten about. 

The West Newton house was a lot of fun. Vaughn used to take his Indian motorcycle and run it up the ski hill which is also a 250-yard par three golf hole at Brae Burn Country Club. In the basement they had an fire box that was used to burn trash. The walls caught on fire and Vaughn and I put the fire out before the fire department got to the house! Christy's mother died last year, and I can still hear her voice yelling, "Christina!" whenever we got into something she didn't like!

The concert was great; lots on memories brought back of our childhood!

Submitted by: Bill Caterino