Seiler's Ten Acres

It All Started Here


Seiler's Ten Acres, Wayland MA

The date was Wednesday, April 10, 1940.  The location Seiler's Ten Acres, an up scaled dine and dance roadhouse in Wayland, Massachusetts.  That evening was to be the debut of the first Vaughn Monroe band with Vaughn out front playing and singing.

Dining Room/Ballroom


Dick spoke with Mr. John Seiler, son of the owner of Seiler's Ten Acres, and according to him Vaughn Monroe was there approximately 3 years as the House Band and did his radio broadcasting from there. As you can see by the picture, the room held approximately 250 people.  Later in his career while playing on cross-country tours, it was not uncommon to find 10,000 people jamming ballrooms night after night to see this wonderful man

John Seiler told Dick that as a young boy he was very impressed with Mr. Monroe and his beautiful wife Marian.  We want to thank the Wayland Library and Historical  Society, Inc. for helping us with this research and giving us the pictures and introducing us to Mr. Seiler.

Submitted by: Richard & Patricia Longtin