Jeannette High School Alma Mater

I am a 1964 graduate of Jeannette Sr. High School (JHS). My mother graduated from JHS in 1933. She would relate to me how Vaughn Monroe, the famous singer, songwriter, bandleader and actor wrote our the JHS Alma Mater. She would also enjoy seeing him doing the RCA Victor commercials. (I do have one of his records - actually on a 45 rpm - in my basement. Hope it is not warped.) I am putting together a documentary for the class of '64 for the 45th reunion and wanted to get a history of our Alma Mater. I knew it was written by Vaughn Monroe, Class of 1929. In his biographical write ups, there may be or may not be mention of his ties to Jeannette High School. I would like to let you all know that he wrote our Alma Mater and it is a song we sing with pride. I do not have a copy of the 1929 JHS yearbook, [see High School Days - Jeannette, PA] but in the 1932 yearbook he is listed under the Alumni Music Roll - "Vaughn Monroe is studying music at Carnegie Tech and is trumpeter and vocalist in Jack Bruce's orchestra. He has participated in many recitals both in Jeannette and in Pittsburgh. He was a former trumpeter and vocalist in 'Gibby' Lockard's orchestra." It is also good to know that he married a gal from Jeannette! There are a lot of Baughman's in Jeannette and when I read her maiden name, I was hoping she was from our area. Thanks for allowing me to share this small piece of information with all of you.

Following this paragraph are the words to our JHS Alma Mater.  The words are simple, but express so much, don't they? Especially for me at this time of my life and in my relationship with my fellow classmates. It is amazing how much the friendship of classmates means as we grow older. At no other time in our lives do the individuals and memories mean so much. The teens years where hormones were raging, team spirit was high, flirting was in style, we experienced our first loves and broken hearts, tested for our drivers license, applied for our first jobs, etc., and it all helped to shape who we are now. We experience now losing many of our classmates as the years pass, and it is sad. That is why the words to this song - again, so simple, say so much. Vaughn must have been a mature young man to be able to project future feelings about high school and classmates - some friendships that last forever.

Alma Mater, Jeannette High School, written by Vaughn Monroe, Class of 1929

Deep in the hills and valleys, there stands a school we love;

Oft in the dimming twilight, our hearts return to thee.

Alma Mater, emblem of truth and right;

Alma Mater, how dear to us thy light;

In memory of thy teachings, our lives are always bright.


While the long years are passing, still stands the school we love;

Sorrow and care we'll weather till life's last breath is gone.

Alma Mater, emblem of truth and right;

Alma Mater, how dear to us thy light;

And when our days are over, your light will still carry on.  

Submitted by: Anita (Pompei) Howe Binder