Cookouts in Framingham


My father worked for Vaughn Monroe at The Meadows after he got out of the army in 1945. My grandfather and my Uncle Joe used to work there too. My grandfather met Kate Smith at the Meadows and actually dated her. My father also met Jackie Gleason and Frank Fontaine.

Vaughn Monroe use to come over to our house when we had cook outs. When Vaughn Monroe came over he used to bring his dog, Archie, who was a boxer.  My father told me that once he and Vaughn went over to the Thompson Farm and picked some corn. They invited Mr. Thompson over and they sang and danced.  My father played banjo for Vaughn Monroe, but I think that was only when he came over to our house. My aunts used to baby-sit his kids too.


Vaughn Monroe and other singers and actors use to perform at the Monticello and then go across the street back to the Meadows. They where both on Route 9 in Framingham, Massachusetts. When I see my aunt again I'll see if she can tell me more. . .


. . . Sunday I went and saw my great Aunt Peggy's kids and one of then told me that Vaughn Monroe sang "The Anniversary Song" for my mother and father on their anniversary, and sang "The Duckworth Chant" for my father when he got out of the army.  


907 Pleasant Street


This the house that my mother and father lived in Framingham when they knew Vaughn Monroe. This is the same house where Vaughn Monroe came to visit and to have a cook out. Vaughn Monroe also had a house in Dover, Massachusetts.


Submitted by: Richard Paine