Sparks Flew

I was about 11 years old when my family, stopping on the way home from a travel vacation, visited Las Vegas.  I can't remember the name of the hotel where we enjoyed dinner and a show, but Vaughn Monroe was in the lobby area. I had never seen a "real" celebrity before so my stare was quite impolite. Mr. Monroe came over and shook hands with me. When I think of it...that was quite a nice, unexpected and unnecessary thing for him to do.

It had been one of those dry summer breezy days in Las Vegas.  I must have been wearing the right combination of  rubber-soled shoes and synthetic fabric, because static electricity sparked on everything I touched, and my family teased me that the sparks were because Vaughn Monroe had shaken my hand and said "hello" in that unmistakably mellow voice.

The other fact that made me reply to this site was that I recognized the name of Dixon Gayer. He was my college Journalism Professor some years after those sparks flew. I knew that he had been a publicist for Cab Calloway, but was unaware of his association with Monroe.

Submitted by: Rochelle Frank