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Vaughn Monroe Scrapbooks (Nov 2005)

From the New England Conservatory, this two volume set includes over 200 pages of content from the scrapbooks compiled by Marian Gower and given to Vaughn as a present for his daughters in 1957. Lots of newspaper and magazine articles, photographs and reviews. Several club journals and the "Singing Guns" comic book are also reproduced in these volumes.



Vaughn Monroe's Camel Caravan Script (May 2006)

Given to Polly Attridge by Vaughn after a radio broadcast at Duke University on October 18, 1952, this script includes hand-written notes by Vaughn.

Read Polly's Journal Entry with a detailed account of how she obtained this script. The script is 16 pages and comes with a cover letter (shown left).

This item costs $5 for reproduction and mailing. Contact Claire Schwartz to order.


Vaughn Monroe Australia Performances (Oct 2011)

This two CD set compiled by Vaughn Monroe's Australian fan club president, Vince Paterson, includes rare nightclub recordings as well as a recording from Vaughn's television appearance. Vince and his wife, Diana, were personal friends of Vaughn and Marian and spent a fair amount of time with the Monroe's while on their Australian concert tours in 1961, 1965 and 1970. Conversely Monroe entertained the Paterson's on a visit to the States, and included on the CDs is a recording from Vaughn's nightclub act from Paterson, NJ. Vaughn allowed Vince to record these live shows with his new reel-to-reel tape recording equipment. The set comes with special liner notes written by Vince for the Vaughn Monroe Centennial Celebration held on October 7, 2011.

This item costs $20 for reproduction and mailing. Contact Claire Schwartz to order.






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