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This section includes many articles and special features from souvenir booklets, magazines, interviews, club journals and other sources, as well as information provided for the enjoyment of our sustaining members by family and friends of Mr. Monroe.

A broad array of material with emphasis on differing aspects of Mr. Monroe's life and career are organized and presented in this expanded "biography."

For individual reminiscences and reports on the places associated with Mr. Monroe, see the Journals section.


The Story of Vaughn Monroe - 1950 Souvenir Booklet

Time Out for Hobbies - 1950 Souvenir Booklet

The Magic that is Monroe - Bandleaders Magazine

The Home Vaughn Picked Up for a Song - Radio-TV Mirror, by Jessyca Gaver

Whatever Happened to Vaughn Monroe - book excerpt, by Richard Lamparski

Daddy Talks to Horses - TV Star Parade Magazine

A Personal Interview - DeMolay Communique, by Robert Downen

Pied Piper of West Newton - [magazine unknown], by Jack Long

History of Martin County - 1998 Historical Society Book

Vaughn Monroe and his Marian in Love with St. Lucie Living - 1973 Fort Pierce, FL News Tribune, by Sally Latham


Heart of a Hobo - 1950 Souvenir Booklet

Vaughn Monroe Contented in RCA Job - Wichita Eagle

Louella O. Parsons in Hollywood - 1952 Pictorial Review article

The Baritone

Faith in a Voice - 1950 Souvenir Booklet

About Guys Who Beat the Band - Little Old New York, by Ed Sullivan

Monroe Turned Down Career that Finally Claimed Him

Inside the Big Bands - book excerpt, by George T. Simon

Voice with Muscles - Collier's Magazine, by Bill Davidson

By Vaughn Monroe

Vaughn Monroe Tells His Own Story to Joseph Kaye - True Story Magazine

Popping Questions at Vaughn - 1940s Club Journals

Newspaper Obituaries

Boston Globe

New York Times

UPI (United Press International)

AP (Associated Press)

Combined News Services

Daily News Highlights

Stuart News


Vaughn's Brother, William - by Joseph I. Monroe

Vaughn Monroe Family Photographs - courtesy of Carrie Wagner

Letters and Photos sent to Miss Louise Maahs - courtesy of Steve Richter



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