Meeting at Bamberger's Department Store

Some time in the 1960's (not sure of the year), I was listening to the radio when I heard the disc jockey announce that Vaughn Monroe, major singing star of the 1940's and early 50's would be appearing at Bamberger's Department Store in Newark, NJ in the afternoon.

Being a long-time fan of Vaughn's (since the mid 40's) I picked myself up and took the train to Newark from New York.  I went up to the home entertainment department and saw Vaughn Monroe, wearing a tweed sports coat seated at a desk promoting RCA products.

I waited my turn, and said hello and talked for a while.  I mentioned how I had enjoyed him over the years, and had see him perform a few times in the 1950's.  He mentioned that he was doing RCA commercials, and making promotional appearances as well as singing appearances.

I asked about Massachusetts, and he replied that he was no longer living there.  He had moved to Florida which he liked very much.  We talked another minute or so and then I left, very happy to have had the opportunity to meet him.

I do regret that some years later, I did not go to see him when he performed at the elegant St. Regis Hotel, perhaps his last appearance in New York.

Submitted by: Herb Wasserman