College Memories

During the school year 1961/62, as a sophomore at Southern Seminary Junior College in Buena Vista, VA, I roomed with Vaughn Monroe's older daughter, Candy. Her younger sister, Christina, was there too, finishing high school. There were four of us in the room - Sunny Welsh, Sandy MacDougal, Candy and me. At night Candy would sometimes put on a whole stack of her dad's records for us to fall asleep to. That's still a very wonderful memory for me. Candy's folks came to parents' day and were very good natured about being shared with all of her friends and their admiring parents. One night her father sang for a semi-formal ball we had at the school. He was always warm and kind.

Years later, I lived in Cincinnati with my first husband. On our third anniversary we found that Vaughn was playing at a supper club in Indiana. We made reservations. During the intermission, he invited us back to his dressing room. His wife, Marian, was there and they had been playing bridge. We had a great visit and I got Candy's address, but left it in my purse, which was stolen some time later. I wish I had been able to save that address.

Submitted by: Lynn Plagge Dunham