1930-1933 Gibby Lockhard's Jazz Orchestra

1933-1935 Austin Wylie's Band

1935-1936 Larry Funk Band

1936-1940 Jack Marshard Orchestra

1940-1953 Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra


1931 KDKA


1942 How'm I Doin' (singer)


194_ - 194_ One Night Stand (featured orchestra)


1944 Downbeat (featured orchestra)


1943 Treasury Star Parade (featured orchestra)


1943 Command Performance (featured orchestra)


1944 Spotlight Bands (featured orchestra)


1944 Ellery Queen Show (guest "detective")


1944 - 195_ CBS, NBC and ABC Remotes (featured orchestra)


1945-1954 The Vaughn Monroe Show (aka Camel Caravan)


1945 Music America Loves Best (host)


1945 The Tommy Dorsey Show (guest vocalist)


1947 Magic Carpet (featured orchestra)

1947 - 195_ Here's to Veterans (featured orchestra)

19__ Eyes on the Skies (guest vocalist)

19__ Treasury Song Parade & Treasury Song for Today

1950 Guest Star (guest vocalist)

1951 Mail Call (featured vocalist)

1951 Stars on Parade (featured vocalist)

1957 House Party (featured vocalist)

1958 Let's Go with Music (announcer)

1957-1967 Stars for Defense (guest vocalist)

1960s Performances Broadcast on Radio

1970s Radio Interviews and Tributes


1949 We, The People (guest appearance)

1949-1954 & 1965 Toast of the Town aka The Ed Sullivan Show (guest appearances)

1950-1953 Your Show of Shows aka Ceasar's Hour 1954-1956 (announcer)

1950-1951 The Vaughn Monroe Show (host)

1951 Ford Festival (guest appearance)

1951-1954 Texaco Star Theatre (guest appearances)

1952 All Star Review

1953 The Jackie Gleason Show

1953 Scott Music Hall

1954 The Vaughn Monroe Show (host)

1954 The Buick Berle Show (guest appearance)

1954 & 1957 Arthur Murray Party (guest appearance)

1954 Masquerade Party (guest appearance)

1954 Person to Person (featured personality)

1954 Life Begins at 80

1954 What's My Line (guest appearance)

1954 I've Got a Secret (guest appearance)

1954 The Name's the Same (guest appearance)

1954-1955 Stage Show (guest appearance)

1955 Make the Connection (guest appearance)

1955 America's Greatest Bands

1955 The Big Change

1955 The Tonight Show (guest appearance)

1956 Eddy Arnold Time

1956 Air Time '57 (host)

1956 America's Greatest Bands (guest appearance)

1957 RCA Galaxy of Stars

1957 The Perry Como Show (guest appearance)

1957 The Jimmy Dean Show (guest appearance)

1957-1958 The George Gobel Show (guest appearances)

1958 The Jack Paar Show (guest appearance)

1958 American Bandstand (guest appearance)

1958 The Big Record

1958 Four Star Review

1958 The Bob Crosby Show

1959 The Steve Allen Show

1960 Ford Startime: Swingin' Singin' Years (one of the featured orchestra leaders)

1962 Bonanza (guest appearance)

1964 Missing Links

1966 Meet the Band Leaders (one of four featured orchestra leaders)

1969 The David Frost Show

1965-1971 The Mike Douglas Show

1970 What's My Line (guest appearance) ??


1944 Meet the People, MGM (guest appearance)

1947 Carnegie Hall, United Artists (guest appearance)

1950 Singing Guns, Republic

1952 Toughest Man in Arizona, Republic




1932 The Gondoliers


1957 Annie Get Your Gun


1958 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes




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New Horizons Sailboats 1961

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Quaker Puffed Wheat 1950

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