The Toughest Man in Arizona



Year Released .... 1952
Run Time ....  85 min
Filmed in .... Color (trucolor)


Studio .... Republic
Directed by ....  R.G. Springsteen
Written by: .... John K. Butler





Sheriff Matt Landry is on the trail of outlaw Frank Girard and ends up not only bringing in Girard, but a woman and two children who are survivors of an Indian raid on their wagon train. While Mrs. Kimber and the children stay with the Sheriff and his family, Frank Girard breaks out of jail, and Sheriff Landry finds out that Mrs. Kimber's husband is not dead, but has joined up with the Girard Gang. When Mr. Kimber kills Jim Hadlock in a cowardly act of greed, the Sheriff is torn between his feelings for Mary and his desire to take vigilante justice on Vern Kimber.


Vaughn Monroe .... Matt Landry
Joan Leslie .... Mary Kimber
Edgar Buchanan .... Jim Hadlock
Victor Jory .... Frank Girard
Jean Parker .... Della
Harry Morgan .... Verne Kimber
Ian MacDonald .... Steve Girard
Lee MacGregor .... Jerry Girard
Diana Christian .... Joan Landry
Bobby Hyatt .... Davey Billings
Charlita .... Senorita
Nadine Ashdown .... Jesse Billings
Francis Ford .... Hanchette
Paul Hurst .... Dalton

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