We, The People


Season(s) Aired .... 1948 - 1952
Season featuring Vaughn .... 2
Episode Number .... 14
Date Aired .... April 5, 1949
Network ....  
Vaughn's Time Slot ....  
Run Time ....  
Filmed in .... B&W



The hosts on this interview program chatted with celebrities, politicians and regular Americans with interesting lives. People who had overcome some sort of adversity or faced a challenge were often featured. We, The People began on radio in 1936 and continued to be heard there; this was the first series to be simulcast on television and radio. (This simulcast situation continued through the summer of 1950.) The original host was voice-over announcer Dwight Weist before actor Dan Seymour took over the job in 1949.




Dan Seymour .... Host

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