Meet the People

Year Released .... 1944
Run Time ...  100 min
Filmed in ... B&W


Studio .... Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Directed by .... Charles Reisner
Based on a novel by .... Ben and Sol Barzman with Louis Lantz
Screenplay .... S.M. Herzig and Fred Saidy



Shipyard worker Bill Swanson writes a wartime play celebrating the American spirit. He meets theatre actress Julie Hampton, visiting the shipyard on a bond drive, and convinces her to read his patriotic opus. Enthusiastic at its potential, Julie is able to get the show produced, but Bill is dismayed when he discovers that its being turned into a musical. Withdrawing his option, he returns to his day job, but Julie isn't to be put off so easily. Summary written by Chris Stone. Content from Internet Movie Database.

Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra are featured for approximately 7 minutes of screen time. Vaughn sings "In Times Like These" and the band does a number called "I Want to Recognize the Tune" with June Allyson. Vaughn Monroe, Ziggy Talent, and Mirian LeVelle (?) are all featured in this song and dance number.


Lucille Ball .... Julie Hampton
Dick Powell .... William 'Swanee' Swanson
Virginia O'Brien .... 'Woodpecker' Peg
Bert Lahr .... The Commander
Rags Ragland .... Smitty
June Allyson .... Annie
Steven Geray .... Uncle Felix (as Steve Geray)
Paul Regan .... 'Buck'
Howard Freeman .... Mr. Peetwick
Betty Jaynes .... Steffi
John Craven .... John Swanson
Ziggie Talent .... Himself
Morris Ankrum .... Monte Rowland
Miriam LaVelle .... Miriam
Spike Jones .... Himself
Vaughn Monroe .... Himself


Commentary from June 1943 Downbeat Magazine, p. 7:

Monroe Talent Draws The Nod -- Leader Will Get Heavy Footage In Coming Film

Hollywood - Vaughn Monroe is set for heavy footage in his first movie venture, MGM's Meet the People. Extra sequences featuring the bandleader have been added to the script following inspection of his early efforts by E. Y. Harburg, the prominent song writer who drew his first producer assignment on this flicker.

Monroe not only appears with his band in a part that gives him plenty of dialog, but also sings the hit songs in the picture and dances.

Show will be one of the several big budget musicals to come from MGM during the next few months. Cast contains Lucille Ball, Bert Lahr, King Sisters, Spike Jones' "City Slickers", Virginia O'Brien and others. Good spots have also been assigned to the Murphy Sisters and Ziggy Talent of the Monroe troupe.

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