Annie Get Your Gun

Dates .... July 9-14, 1957
Location .... Memorial Hall
City .... Dayton, OH
Troupe .... The Kenley Players
Dates ... July 22-27, 1957
Location ... Music Box Theatre
City ... Brandywine, PA


Playwrite .... Dorothy and Herbert Fields
Musical Score .... Irving Berlin


Sharpshooter, Annie Oaklie, not only outshoots, but outshines the star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, Frank Butler. Despite their pride and a rival show muscling in on Buffalo Bill's circuit, love wins out in the end.


Starring Cast:
Vaughn Monroe .... Frank Butler
Constance Moore .... Annie Oakley


Believe it or not--Vaughn Monroe even performed in a stage theatrical! Much more information is presented in the Sustaining Member Section of the website.