Ford Startime: Swingin' Singin' Years


Season(s) Aired .... 1959-1960
Seasons featuring Vaughn .... 1960
Episode Number .... 23
Date Aired .... March 8, 1960
Network .... NBC
Night/Time Slot .... Tuesday 9:30 pm
Run Time ....  60 min
Run Time of VM segment .... 4-1/2 min
Filmed in .... B&W


Sponsor .... Ford Motors
Writers ... Tom and Frank Waldman
Director ... Barry Shear



Ford Startime (aka Lincoln-Mercury Startime) was an hour long, color anthology series sponsored by the automotive company. Music, variety and drama alternated in various programs over the course of the one season it aired. Many top stars appeared. This episode was a musical salute to the post-World War II era of big bands and vocalists, when many former band vocalists became singing stars and the swing bands began to play for audiences of listeners instead of dancers. Sequel to the 2/9/60 Ford Startime episode, "The Swingin' Years," which covered the big swing bands of the Thirties.



The introduction to the segment featuring Vaughn Monroe shows a car pulling up, Vaughn getting out on the passenger side, calling out: "This is it" and waving on the  bus with the band. Everyone gets off the bus and then Ronald Reagan goes into an introduction. The band plays about one minute of  "Racing With The Moon," after which Vaughn and the Moon Maids sing "There, I've Said It Again."


Ronald Reagan .... Host

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