what's my line


Season(s) Aired .... 1950 - 1967
Season featuring Vaughn .... 1954
Episode Number .... 200
Date Aired .... March 28, 1954
Network .... CBS
Night/Time Slot .... Sunday 10:30 pm
Run Time ....  30 min
Filmed in .... B&W thru 1966



A panel of four celebrities asks a contestant a series of questions in order to figure out his line of work. The contestant must answer with “yes” or “no.” Every “no” answer moves the questioning to the next celebrity panelist. If the celebrities total 10 negative answers, the contestant wins $50 ($5 for each question). On each show, usually in the third and final round, the celebrity panelists are blindfolded and have to guess the identity of a mystery guest.


Vaughn Monroe appeared as a mystery guest.



John Daly .... Host
Arlene Francis .... Regular Panelist
Bennett Cerf .... Regular Panelist
Dorothy Kilgallen .... Regular Panelist

various celebrities

  fourth panelist



VAUGHN MONROE: Never in the history of the existing WML episodes to date has a mystery guest so famous stumped the panel so badly. After a near record 36 questions in a round that went nearly 10 minutes and included a 20-second conference that lasted more than half a minute, after both Steve Allen and then Dorothy Kilgallen pass, after all the cards are flipped, the panel is totally flummoxed. And yet, Vaughn Monroe was SO famous! He was a singer, trumpeter, trombonist and big band leader. Most popular in the 1940s and 1950s, he sold over 5 million records in 1944. He recorded four Gold Records, and had five number one hit singles. Twenty-five of Vaughn Monroe's songs hit the Top Ten, and he boasts three top selling albums. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for his achievements in radio, and one for his success as a recording artist. Vaughn Monroe has been called one of the foremost American baritones and bandleaders of the 20th Century. - Lee McIntyre



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