Carnegie Hall


Year Released .... 1947
Run Time ...  144 min
Filmed in ... B&W


Studio .... United Artists
Directed by .... Edgar G. Ulmer
Written by .... Karl Kamb and Seena Owen


The story follows the tumultuous life of  Nora Ryan from a young child enchanted with the musical-world she first experiences at Carnegie Hall to a mother who works for the opera house and watches her son rise to stardom,  all the while fearing he will through away a classical music career and the opportunity to play at the immortal Carnegie Hall. The movie is packed full of cameo appearances from various musical performers of the era.

Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra are featured in an 8 minute segment when Tony Salerno Jr. tries out as a piano player with the band. Vaughn sings "The Pleasure's All Mine" and "Beware My Heart" accompanied by the Moon Maids.


Marsha Hunt .... Nora Ryan
William Prince .... Tony Salerno Jr.
Frank McHugh .... John Donovan
Martha O'Driscoll .... Ruth Haines
Hans Jaray .... Tony Salerno Sr.
Joseph Buloff .... Anton Tribik
Olin Downes .... Himself
Emile Boreo .... Henry
Alfonso D'Artega .... Tchaikovsky
Harold Dyrenforth .... Walter Damrosch
Eole Galli .... Katinka
other cast listed alphabetically
Walter Damrosch .... Himself
Danny Desmond .... Elevator boy
Bert Freed .... Bit (uncredited)
Jascha Heifetz .... Himself
Harry James .... Himself
Vaughn Monroe .... Himself
Jan Peerce .... Himself
Gregor Piatigorsky .... Himself
Ezio Pinza .... Himself
Lily Pons .... Herself
Fritz Reiner .... Himself
Artur Rodzinski .... Himself
Artur Rubinstein .... Himself
Risė Stevens .... Herself
Leopold Stokowski .... Himself
Bruno Walter .... Himself

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VAUGHN MONROE says:  Sometime ago I had the very great pleasure of working in the Federal Picture "Carnegie Hall." Not only did the boys in the band and I get the usual kick out of appearing before the cameras, we had the added treat of watching artists like Jascha Heifetz, Jan Peerce, Artur Rubinstein and Leopold Stokowski perform. We so much enjoyed seeing and hearing these great names at work that we'd like to strongly recommend that you see the film "Carnegie Hall."

And, oh, yes, you can hear the boys and me and the Moon Maids do "Beware, My Heart!" from "Carnegie Hall" on RCA Victor Record number 20-2084. It is backed by "The Pleasure's All Mine." See you in the movies. (Newspaper article submitted by Jerry Furris)


TINKER CUNNINGHAM says: Did you know that we were in the movie "Carnegie Hall"? It was made in the fall of 1946. We were playing the Commodore Hotel, then for several nights after our work was over, the whole band was whisked over to the west side of Manhattan somewhere at a studio (probably an old warehouse than was made to look like a nightclub inside) and when we arrived, make up people, hairdressers fiddled with our faces and hair and then the shoot began. In the story line of the movie, William Prince, a pianist who falls in love with this gal, and at this "night club" (with VM orch. in the background) they have their conversation. There's a little more to it than that, for Vaughn did have a conversation with him and ask him to sit in at the next set. We sang with Vaughn "The Pleasure's All Mine" and "Beware My Heart. We had already recorded it for RCA VICTOR. I remember being VERY tired after our regular job at the Commodore, then for 3 nights in a row spending quite a few more hours --- all of which made up of about 8 minutes total time in the movie. It was interesting, alright. Another great experience for us 18 and 19 year olds. I remember we bought special dresses for this event and got a good deal of use out of them for months afterward. I guess you might say we were a bit "star-struck", but at the same time we had to be dependable in doing a good job, learning our music and appearing before the public all the time. It really was good experience, now that I look back on it. (September 2002)