The George Gobel Show


Season(s) Aired .... 1954-1960
Season featuring Vaughn .... see below
Episode Number .... see below
Date Aired .... see below
Network .... NBC
Night/Time Slot ....  
Run Time ....  30 min
Filmed in .... B&W


The George Gobel Show was a comedy variety series. Vaughn Monroe was featured on an episode where he played himself. Vaughn did the commercials and interacted with George. He also sang a number. Incidentally, The George Gobel Show was the first stereo broadcast.


Vaughn Monroe appeared as a guest on the following George Gobal Show episodes:

Season / Episode No.

Date Aired
4 / 1 September 24, 1957
5 / 2 October 21, 1958


George Gobel .... Host
Phyllis Avery .... Alice (1959-1960)
Anita Bryant .... Regular Performer
Jeff Donnell .... Alice (1954-1958)
Eddie Fisher .... Regular Performer
Joe Flynn .... Regular Performer
Shirley Harmer .... Regular Performer
Paula Kelly .... Regular Performer
Peggy King .... Regular Performer
The Modernaires .... Regular Performer
Harry von Zell .... Regular Performer

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