The Larry Funk Band




Handle:  The Band of a Thousand Melodies


Songs Recorded by Vaughn Monroe:

Catalog No. Title Matrix No. Recording Date
15941-1 Rain [1] ME 13186, BA 33219, CQ 8410,    RO 2388 9/19/34
15942-1 I'm Lonesome For You Caroline ME 13186, BA 33219, CQ 8410 9/19/34
15944-1-2 Too Beautiful For Words ME 13204, BA 33237, OR 3025 9/19/34
15946-1-2 When You're In Love ME 13204, BA 33237, RO 2399 9/19/34

Label: BA = Banner, CQ = Conqueror, ME = Melotone, OR = Oriole, RO = Romeo


Larry Funk is at the head of the table, with a young Helen O'Connell on the right. Barry Walters informs us that he contacted the Big Band Database years ago to inform them that Vaughn Monroe is not in this photo. They agreed. Photo from Big Bands Database

A young Larry Funk

photo submitted by Jack Roden