Time Out for Hobbies

1950 Souvenir Booklet


An Indian Motorcycle is his choice means

of transportation when he is at home.


A broken chair comes in for repairs in his

complete workshop.

Considering that the job of running the nation's biggest band attraction comes under the heading of a "25-hour-a-day career," Vaughn's accomplishments in the way of hobbies could well be classified in the "believe-it-or-not" category. No one, least of all Monroe, knows where he gets the time for all of them, but he does--somehow. Moreover, he has developed them to a high degree of proficiency.
His first love is flying. He is a licensed pilot, and owns a Lockheed-12 which he uses constantly on one-nighter travel.

He also gets a bang out of motorcycling, is a marksman and hunter, a better-than-amateur photographer, and is particularly expert at woodworking and building model trains. For plain fun he likes golf, tennis and skiing.