Vaughn Monroe Family Photographs

Photographs courtesy of Carrie Wagner (Vaughn's Granddaughter)




Vaughn's grandkids, great-grandkids, Carrie's Mom (Candy)

and Dad, and her Aunt Tina and Uncle Paul


Vaughn's grandchildren: Christina's kids - Vonne and Merrell

Smith, Candy's kids - Carrie and Jerry Wagner


Carrie's children - Allie & Garrett; Carrie's brother Jerry's

three girls - Jessica, Lauren, & Elise; and Carrie's two

cousins (Christina's kids) Vonne & Merrell


Alexandra (11) and Garrett (8), Carrie's children

(Vaughn's great-grandchildren)

Carrie, Marian, Candy, Alexandra and Garrett

Marian and Carrie