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LOST . . . Sadly all content in Spotlight "Stage" was lost, specifically the three pages featuring Vaughn's appearances in "Annie Get Your Gun," "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds," and "The Gondoliers." Thanks to Jerry Furris for providing us with hard copies of the content, which he printed out. It will be a while before we are able to recreate these pages. 9/22/13
Journal "David Byron Monroe" submitted by Claudia Haslett Monroe  5/3/13
Spotlight "The Gondoliers," Vaughn's Carnegie Tech stage appearance in 1932, submitted by Jerry Furris.  1/8/11
Biography  article "Louella O. Parsons in Hollywood" Pictorial Reivew, May 18, 1952 submitted by Jerry Furris.  1/8/11
Spotlight  "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," Vaughn's second stage appearance in 1958, submitted by Jerry Furris.  7/2/10
Journal  "Cookouts in Framingham" submitted by Richard Paine.  7/2/10
Journal  "Dubuque Summer Festival 1964" submitted by Paul Hemmer.  1/9/10
Journal  "Ace Keller" submitted by Candy Keller - Raber who is publishing a book about her father's Air Force career that crossed paths with Vaughn Monroe in 1951. 1/9/10
Journal  "Cards and Letters from Vaughn" submitted by Eileen Havey. These are personal letters from Vaughn to Eileen between 1944 and 1960.  10/23/09
Events  "Racing with the Moon III" in New York, write-up posted, with tour notes by Herb Wasserman.  9/3/09
Journal  "A Short Recollection" submitted by Joe Szymanski.  1/5/09
Spotlight - Westerns  A new portrait of Vaughn in "Singing Guns" (scroll down page to last image). 1/5/09
Spotlight - Westerns  A new portrait page of Vaughn in "Toughest Man in Arizona."  1/5/09
Journal  submitted by Tim Ellingham of Rochester New RKO head usher remembers Vaughn Monroe.  8/29/08
Biography  From a Fort Pierce, Florida newspaper: "Vaughn Monroe And His Marian In Love With St. Lucie Living" a revealing interview with the singer just four months before he died. Thanks to Jerry Furris. 7/4/08
Biography  Additional articles and excerpts  from the Stuart News and the Martin County Historical Society thanks to Pat and Dick Longtin. 5/14/08
Biography  additional obituaries from the Associated Press (AP) and Daily News Highlights for the State of Florida thanks to Jerry Furris. 5/10/08
Biography a very special donation of letters and photographs from the Steve Richter collection.  4/5/08
Spotlight  on Vaughn's stage appearance in "Annie Get Your Gun."  2/16/08
Photo Album  six pictures of Vaughn at the beach added, compliments of Eileen Havey.  2/16/08
Portraits  page updated with four new portraits of Vaughn Monroe added.  2/16/08
Spotlight on Westerns section updated to include Movie Life feature "Home Sick on the Range" and MORE movie stills from "Singing Guns." 2/9/08
Tributes section with excerpt from the novel Tender Is LeVine by Andrew Bergman, which includes reference to Vaughn Monroe in a "cameo appearance."  1/20/08
Journal entry by Morris Rainville and his chance encounter with Vaughn at a New Hampshire airport. 1/20/08
Journal entry by Tom Shedosky (son of Ed Shedosky, trumpeter with the Vaughn Monroe Orchestra.  10/19/07
Spotlight on The Meadows, Vaughn's premier restaurant and night club.  10/19/07
Memorabilia added. Vaughn Monroe T-Shirt thanks to Eileen Havey  10/19/07
Biography pages. Two obituaries from UPI and  CNS thanks to Jerry Furris.  10/19/07
Journal entry by Eileen Havey national president of the Vaughn Monroe Fan Club.  10/3/07 Photographs added! 10/19/07
 Journal entry by Stephen Block updated with additional information.  10/3/07
Events notes on the Boston Gathering by Marian Gower  10/3/07
Journal entry by Stephen Block whose friend knew the Monroe's when Vaughn's Mom and Dad lived in West Haven, CT.  7/7/07
Journal entry by Patrick Gardner who has researched Vaughn's popularity and the promotion of his records "Down Under" in the beautiful continent of Australia.  7/5/07
Events full write-up on second VMAS gathering in Boston, Massachusetts. 6/16/07
Biography magazine article "Pied Piper of West Newton."  Thanks to Jerry Furris.  2/18/07
Journal entry by Pat and Dick Longtin who have researched and written a splendid article on Vaughn's  Meadows Restaurant located in Framingham, MA--the construction, the dinner parties, the fire--it's the most comprehensive article to date.  12/15/06
Biography article from the Wichita Eagle, November 30, 1967. Thanks to Robert Downen.  11/25/06
Memorabilia Vaughn Monroe Dream Week button has been added to the gallery thanks to Jerry Furris.  11/25/06
Items to Buy Vaughn Monroe's Camel Caravan Script given to Polly Attridge has been added to the list.  11/24/06
Biography article  "A Personal Interview with Vaughn Monroe" for the DeMolay Communiqué  by Robert Downen on November 30, 1967 when Vaughn was appearing in Wichita, Kansas.  11/22/06
Journal  A new entry by Donald Richards describing his meeting with Vaughn Monroe at a Detroit night club.  11/17/06
Journal  Did you know there was a song written about Vaughn Monroe's Meadows?  Well you really should have guessed it. The music and bit of history is included in a new journal page thanks to Pat and Dick Longtin.  11/17/06
Journal update on  Vaughn's Houses. Vaughn and Marian's honeymoon cottage in Wayland, MA is added thanks to Pat and Dick Longtin.  10/1/06
Biography  article "Daddy Talks to Horses" from 1951 TV Star Parade. Thanks to Jerry Furris.  8/19/06
Biography  Boston Globe obituary. Thanks to Herb Wasserman.  8/19/06
Items to Buy section including special offers for Vaughn Monroe Appreciation Society members 7/30/06
Memorabilia section including photos of collectible items from the 1940s and 50s. 7/30/06
Magazines section from the original website. 7/30/06
Portraits section from the original website. 7/30/06
Journal entry "Music for Yachtsmen" by Betty Johnson.  7/16/06
Transcript from a portion of Vaughn's 1970 interview with Ray Norman in "God and Country" pages of Spotlight section.  7/16/06
"God and Country" content that appeared on the original website is now in the Spotlight section. 7/14/06
Spotlight section. Includes content from "The Singing Cowboy" that appeared on the original website. 7/9/06
Journal entry "The Monroe's in Jeannette" by Frank Zimowski. 6/20/06
Photo Album pages are back! All the photo album pages you loved on the original website are back, bigger than ever in the sustaining member pages. 6/2/06
Journal entry "Vaughn at Duke University" by Polly Attridge 5/19/06
Journal entry "Just Another Parishioner" by Jon T. Melick 5/19/06
Sustaining Member Page. The sustaining member section of the website has received a complete overhaul. You will recognize much of the content from the old website. I will be working on organization and additions as time allows. But for now, welcome to the world of Vaughn Monroe. 12/27/05
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