A Tribute to Vaughn Monroe


E. Hendrickson


May 2009


E. Hendrickson, MD writes: Talent like his is rare. "Dance Ballerina, Dance" rings through my mind as I began writing this note.  He had the kind of voice that commands attention.  And, to have the song above still have the life and compelling artistry even now is an example of his art.  A great singer. One that is remembered and his songs are standards.  The real tragedy is that such men do leave us, and much poorer. Thanks for the honor of contributing something in a small way to the memory of this great man.


Even the best of us go to ground. As Vaughn Monroe did, much too early. Here his last resting place is. His tombstone weathered by time. Yet here he does rest for all time. Into the future for unknown years. Until finally in the future his memory may fade forever. As those funeral monuments for our soldiers have done.

If you walk the cemeteries of ancient lineage, you will see the faded names and dated remembrance of those now known to few, if any. And yet they did live, love and leave and rest their remains just below, near, yet far, yet ghostly reminders of our own date with that fate all too soon to come. Is that all there is to it? Born, live and die? No one knows, but we all hope that this is not all there is to life.

Vaughn Monroe is here, just below, near, within six feet, resting and waiting. Died so long ago. In 1973, so long ago. Thirty-six years ago. Look again at the name on the stone, faded, yet still distinct, like our memories of him. Find his songs and listen. He was great. We all remember him who knew his artistry, his songs, and him. We miss him still.


We DO have HOPE --the very hope of Easter and the risen Christ--the first to be raised of those who have fallen asleep. (I Cor. 15:20)

Commentary by: Claire Schwartz