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Seven main COMMUNITY pages with the appreciation society logo introduce visitors to our organization and allow visitors to navigate the site. Each page has a menu bar on the left side with hyperlinks to other pages for the purpose of information interchange.

HOME for the website includes our purpose statement and a brief overview for those who may be wondering, "Who is Vaughn Monroe?"  It houses the list of website updates, a rotating feature on Vaughn Monroe, and links to the following pages:

  • Our very special Introduction to the website was written by Joseph Monroe, Vaughn's nephew.
  • Search for songs on all of Vaughn's commercially available CDs
  • Find out "What's New?" on the website
  • Webmaster's Blog

About Us provides the visitor with a history of the Vaughn Monroe Appreciation Society and the website.

Contact Us provides email addresses.

Comment and let us know what you think and how you feel.

Membership includes a membership form and links to a list of our Sustaining Members and Honorary Members.

Site Map  provides an overview of this site as a reference to assist visitors.

Bulletin Board houses news and posts by the Vaughn Monroe Appreciation Society.

Links provides a list of links to other related websites. Want to join a Vaughn Monroe discussion group? Interested in song lyrics or CDs? This is the place to be.


Six INFORMATION pages chronicle various aspects of Mr. Monroe's life and professional career.

Biography contains articles and photos that comprise a biography of sorts.

Vital Statistics is a summary page of personal facts.

Achievements is a section set aside to showcase the special achievements and recognition received by Vaughn during his early years and throughout his career in the entertainment industry.

Discography is a data base of the recordings made by Vaughn Monroe with his Orchestra, and later as a solo vocalist. It includes subsequent re-issues that were made commercially available on records and CDs.

Resume is a data base of the bands Vaughn Monroe performed with, the radio, television, movie, and advertisement appearances he made, and other enterprises he was involved with.

Band is a section dedicated to the members of the band and the vocalists who recorded with Vaughn Monroe.


EXPERIENCE the golden baritone voice and the sounds of the Vaughn Monroe Orchestra in a multi-media presentation.

VM Video provides links to the best YouTube videos.

Music Room provides a forum to hear and discuss your favorite songs sung in the Monroe manner, those jazzy instrumentals, or novelty tunes performed by the band.

Backstage Pass is your invitation to learn and experience more of the Moonracer through an expanded version of this website. This section includes:

Quotes. Verbal jewels by the Moonracer. A collection of comments on various topics in Vaughn's own words.

Events. Full write-ups complete with photographs of Vaughn Monroe Appreciation Society events. All upcoming events will be posted on the Bulletin Board section of this website.

Journals. Short documentaries of personal experiences with Vaughn Monroe and the places he lived and worked.

Items to Buy.  A list of original items made available through VMAS.

Biography. An expanded biography section with magazine articles, interviews, obituaries and related photographs.

Photo Album. Even more photographs grouped onto album pages by themes like "Play Ball" and "At the Beach."


Portraits. A collection of Vaughn's portrait photographs or "head shots."

Sheet Music. A kaleidoscope of sheet music covers associated with Vaughn via his photograph on the cover, or the fact that he actually recorded the particular song.

Magazine Covers. A gallery of magazine covers featuring Vaughn.

Memorabilia. A gallery page of the merchandise that circulated during Vaughn's career.

Spotlight. Pages with an emphasis on certain facets of Vaughn's life and career. Features include his Westerns, his Camel Caravan television series, his stage appearances, his nightclub "The Meadows," and a look at God and Country

Tributes. Will be whatever we want it to be. A surprise.



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