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Michelle Dellia, MA Here is a photo of Vaughn I found online, where he MC'd a college beauty contest in Boston.  12/22/2019

Dee Kondal, VA Thank you. He deserves recognition! One cannot never forget the haunting quality of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" as sung by Mr. Monroe. That lost burning band is etched in our memories forever. 8/2/2017
Cathy Norton, IN I have been a fan of Vaughn since 1948 as a teenager living in California. However my home state was Georgia until 1973 when my family moved to Fort Wayne because of my husband's job change. Music is my life. Piano, voice, public school music teacher, church choir leader and organist. Through it all Mr. Monroe is my favorite. Saw him in person only twice: 1951 in Albany, GA and in 1962 in Atlanta, Ga. Thanks to Lou and Claire I now have a way to keep in touch with what is and has happened in his and Marian's lives. 9/10/2016
Jerry Furris, NJ Still around at 82. Vaughn Monroe fan since mid 1940's. Continued to follow, contribute, and contact other members of VMAS for many years since Claire and Lou established this site. Hope to do so now too. Can't get on "THE VAUGHN MONROE GROUP" site anymore. Yahoo really messed up that vehicle for us to interact via. Still have a full collection of VM's recordings would like to donate to someone interested, especially to the New England Conservatory of Music. 4/15/2016
Alan Henry, FL I went to Autoland, in Hobe Sound, Florida several years ago. I saw Mr. Monroe's yellow 1955 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight convertible there. It had some sort of design on the top center of each door, and a red interior. The owner of the business wanted to trade that to me for my 1964 Cadillac convertible. I should have. I've been a Vaughn Monroe fan for 50 years. I'm only 62 now though! 3/29/2016
Lenny Schwartz, NJ Love classic jazz and big band.. I'm in New Jersey and work as an usher at the Papermill Playhouse... 11/172015
Cathy Norton, IN This past April I took a road trip to Stuart, FL to see all things Vaughn Monroe. I found the beautiful home he and Marian built in 1967, the display in the Elliott Museum of his 1951 Indian motorcycle, and the Fernhill Cemetery where he and Marian are both buried. A simple marker for a very family oriented man despite his fame. It was a very pleasant two days there. Volunteers were very helpful in relating some contacts they had with Marian. According to the cemetery director there are quite a few folks who still come to ask about this "Racing with the Moon" fellow. This trip would not have been possible without the friendship of Claire Schwartz at this website. I will forever be in her debt for her willingness to share her love for this man. He has been my favorite singer since 1947. Saw him twice - Albany, GA 1951 and Atlanta, GA 1962 or 1963. Have all his movies and most of the CDs and some vinyls circa Dot Records. 6/22/2015
Nancy Marasco, SC Happy 90th Birthday to Moonmaid, June Hiett Bratone on June 2, 2015!! 6/2/2015
John Grundstrom, CT I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this organization. My mother loved Glen Miller and received Guy Lombardo's autograph in Worcester (on her wedding photo with my Dad). Vaughn Monroe was, I'm sure on her "favorite list" as well. I am a professional singer and have performed on cruise ships, hotels, and even the great Mechanic's Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts. I once sang at the Colonial Club Restaurant in Webster as well. I do songs from the early 1900s to the 1980s.

Getting back to Vaughn, I have been enchanted with the magical baritone voice the emerged from this modest, great man. A friend of mine, Paul Kulis performed at The Meadows (of course, which was owned by Mr. Monroe). My father a WWII veteran was strictly a Gene Autry fan. . . even had the great fortune to meet him in California while he was stateside before going overseas. Thank you so much, for creating this wonderful society honoring Mr. Monroe. I was definitely born in the wrong era. I would have been in paradise growing up with the '40s era music! God Bless you! Your friend, John Grundstrom, another Vaughn Monroe fan.. Take care of yourselves, and again...thanks for all you do! 3/2/2015

Diana Morison, OR In a local thrift shop today I found the LP of "Vaughn Monroe His Greatest Hits." Surprisingly, after a cleaning, it is in excellent condition. What a nostalgic trip I experienced back to the 40s in my high school years when I loved Vaughn Monroe, and especially "Racing with the Moon." In a search to find the year it was recorded, I came upon your society website. 2/4/2015
Andrea Gross, OR My Grandmother was Miriam Lee Gross, and Maree Lee Eger and Virginia are my Great Aunts!! I was so proud and excited to see their memories and accomplishments living here on your site!! Thank you from the bottom of our whole family's hearts! My Dad was so happy to see the amazing pictures Aunt Maree had to put up as well! They truly were amazing women with even more amazing crooning skills! Gosh, I miss those voices! But only have to go to YouTube to find their audio of "Lets Get Lost" and be transformed back to when I was little... and the last time the three of them sang together was almost 50 years ago at my Mom and Dad's wedding!! Thank you again for so beautifully keeping their wonderful memories alive!! 2/3/2015
Edie (Fay) Palermo, NY I am the daughter of Jack Fay (bass player) for the Vaughn Monroe Orchestra from 1941-1947. I've been collecting his records, pictures and articles of that time period. I spoke with Bucky Pizzarelli and met him playing in New York City in person with my two sons and husband. It was really a thrill of a lifetime as he's 89 years old and spoke about my dad like it was yesterday. My son Glenn plays the bass as well, so another generation musician. It's wonderful to know that so many people remember Vaughn Monroe and how much happiness andgreat memories he has left behind.1/10/2015
Dawn Villers, CA My mother was a big Vaughn Monroe fan. I was having a nostalgic afternoon and ran across your site. We lived in Ohio when I was small and then moved to California. 11/30/14
Holly Gray Meyers, IN Hi! Jack Fay was my grandfathers brother. They grew up in Cambridge Mass. Their family had four brothers and one sister. Their mother taught them all to play a different instrument. They lived right by Harvard and MIT... which some of them attended. The RULE was all of them had to play at dances and parties for money to pay for all their collegiate education. No one could quit until the last brother graduated. We have lots of photos...not sure if any different from yours. Glad I found the site! 10/27/14
Gundel (Danni) Sullivan, FL I am now retired teaching part time in the Art Dept. at State College of Florida. I grew up in New Jersey and founded the Vaughn Monroe Fan Club in 1956 to counter the Elvis Presley movement. My husband and I are board members organizing the Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Classic in Clearwater, FL, in November every year. Our musician friend Jim Wheaton bequeathed me Vaughn Monroe's valve trombone. Although he was more known for playing the trumpet, he also played this instrument with similar fingering.10/20/14
E. George Strasser, NJ Happy birthday to Vaughn! 10/7/2014
Cathy Norton, IN Have been a fan since middle school in Santa Barbara, CA 1946 or thereabouts. A music education major at Georgia Southern Univ. Now living in Fort Wayne. Know almost all the words to all the songs he has recorded and love to sing along!!!!!! Glad I finally found you. 5/25/14
Bob Colantuono, MA I grew up in Newton, MA when he lived there. When I was dating my wife, 1947-1949, we went to Kimball's Starlight Ballroom in Lynnfield, MA where the band played. We had our wedding reception at the Meadows in 1949. 4/16/2014
Ralph Novak, PA My dad was a great Monroe fan, and as a pop music writer for 50 years, I've come to admire Monroe and his band, too. So this is a kind of dual membership: I and my father, John. 3/11/2014
C. J. Santoro, UT I am an Ohio native and I first heard Vaughn Monroe at Cedar Point, Lake Erie . . . Sandusky, Ohio . . .age 17 . . . then, shortly thereafter, I joined the US Navy, heard his recordings in Sampson Navy Training Station. I play drums, have a jazz quartet and Dixieland Band and put together special bands for Oktoberfest, St. Patrick's Day, etc. etc. One of his recordings that I thought was special: Easter Parade. I have wondered whatever happened to this outstanding recording and music. 1/11/14

Vaughn recorded "It's Easter Time" in February 1950. This song is included on the commercially available CD by Vocalion entitled "Vaughn Monroe, Ruby." We also feature it on our website around Eastertime.--Claire

John D. Solos, MD Retired math teacher . . . love Vaughn's music. 12/31/13
Frank Campbell, U.S. Virgin Islands My Father, Frank W. Campbell and Mr. Monroe were great friends. Mr. Monroe came to our home, Columbia, SC, many times when I was young. I remember him singing to us often. I last saw him perform with my Dad at the Holiday Inn in Toledo, Ohio. I saw Mrs. Monroe last at their home in Stuart, FL. She remembered me. Mr. Monroe was absolutely one of the most wonderful men I have ever known. I miss him... 8/27/12
Glenna Sentgeorge, PA I have been a fan of Vaughn Monroe since 1946 when my then boyfriend, later my husband, bought me an album of Vaughn's music. Our favorite song was There I Said It is still my favorite. 8/2/12
Skipp Lovejoy, AZ Play multiple digital keyboards and specialize in American Songbook and playing Big Band Style arrangements of my own, and private concerts with a few of my own songs plus above. 84 years old! Remember seeing Vaughn Monroe and band at the Paramount Theater in New York's Time Square in the 1940's. Remember that I sat in the balcony! 7/29/12
Denny Wedemeyer, MO I love the songs of the '50s. Vaughn Monroe is the best. 5/27/12
Barbara Nordstrom, FL I am a 70 year old grandma who loves music. The piano and my voice are my instruments of choice. I am also a retired nurse. For many years I traveled as a Gospel musician to nearly every state and many foreign countries. At the age of 8 I first heard Vaughn Monroe sing 'Ballerina' and fell in love with his voice. Through the years he has remained my favorite Big Band musician. I am very happy to have found your site. Blessings! I look forward to being a part of the Society. 5/22/12
Norma Van Voskuilen, NY I live along Lake Erie and except for this winter, shovel a lot of snow! I love sports, have a degree in Political Science and worked for a beer distributor! I am also a big Dr. Who fan. 2/22/12
Guy McDonald, CO Born in wrong era, much prefer pre and post WWII swing era big band music, and some, but not much jazz from that era. 2/21/12
Todd Carpenter, WV I've enjoyed Vaughn Monroe growing up listening to my parent's music - and their story of dad wooing my mother singing like Mr. Monroe while they were dancing on dates. I now sing on Youtube - and have a few Vaughn Monroe songs posted. Here's one:  2/13/12
John Howard, PA My name is John Howard. I am founder and current VP of the Jeannette Area Historical Society. As you probably know, Vaughn Monroe graduated from Jeannette HS in 1929. His wife, who I've spoken with, is a native of Jeannette. Members of her family are still around. We have numerous pictures and artifacts about the Monroes and the Baughmans. 2/12/12
Robert Aldridge, [no location given] I was exposed to Vaughn Monroe through records from the 1940s that my mother had owned. I'm broke right now, but intend to buy VM records when I can afford to. 1/20/12
Robert Domenick, PA Robert is from Vaughn Monroe's "hometown" of Jeanette, PA. 1/3/12
Michael Ward, AZ I am currently working on a biography of Stan Jones who composed Vaughn Monroe's huge hit in 1949 'Riders in the Sky.' I'm searching for a special recording that Mr. Monroe made with RCA Victor describing how he came to record the song. I'm hoping that perhaps someone in the Society could help me. Thanks! 12/9/11
Joseph Hoermann, NY I am retired and married. I followed Vaughn as a teenager on the Camel Caravan Show. I saw him perform at the Starlight roof of the Waldorf Astoria and the Tropicana in Las Vegas in 1966. I have many of his records and CD's and continue to enjoy his music.11/11/11
O. J. Sikes, NJ See bulletin board announcement for Oct 15, 2011 (click button to left that says "Bulletin Board"). Need we say more? 10/20/11
John Anderson, MA I am a big band music lover. I was brought up on this music. My Dad played the alto sax and clarinet in the Vaughn Monroe Band for a few years in New York and in Hollywood when they made "Meet the People" with Lucille Ball and Dick Powell. I loved hearing all the stories my father and mother told me when I was younger. To this day I love the Big Band sound and am glad to have found this website. 9/7/11
Bill Johnson, OH A lover of the Big Band Era. Especially Vaughn Monroe. I'm in my 70's now, and remember dancing to Vaughn's music at our Proms etc. I'm a professional business owner, and tour conductor for groups all over Europe, USA and Canada 7/11/11
Virginia Ross, FL I am 64 years old, getting my masters degree in Christian Therapy. I am retired. I was a Chaplain at the local Medical Center for 6 years. I have loved Vaughn Monroe's music for so long. My parents would play it when I grew up. My favorite is 'Ghost Riders'. I've wondered if his wife was still living. 6/14/11
Robert Miles, CT Saw Vaughn on an episode of Bonanza today and was reminded of my growing up in Eastchester, NY and hearing all the great old songs of Vaughn Monroe and collecting his 45 records. 6/9/11
Lew Mayhew, SC Vaughn was my favorite singer in the late forties when I lived in Washington DC. I saw him once at the National Guard Armory on E. Capitol Street. I recently ordered some of his music CDs on eBay. HE HAD THE VOICE. 3/9/11
Margaret Crossley, England I am married to Eric, with two children, seven grandchildren, one great grandson. I have many memories of Vaughn during the '40s and '50s. 2/15/11
Vaughn Stephen Monn, FL I was named for Vaughn Monroe and my father took me to see him several times in Washington DC at the Shoram Hotel. My father was a friend of his growing up around the Lancaster, PA area. I can't say I appreciated being his namesake. After all I have had to live with the name Vaughn Monn. I go by Steve. 2/10/11
June McGuire, PA I think Vaughn Monroe was simply a dreamboat. His lush renditions of sultry, romantic tunes such as 'In Times Like These' and 'There I Go' make me so nostalgic for a time and place I have never even been but so ardently long for. His voice is so unique and the arrangements fill me with ecstasy and a taste of the sublime. Mr. Monroe had such class but there was something always very wholesome about him. I simply adore him and I will always cherish his recordings, some of which I play over and over each day! 1/21/11
Ken Sutter, NM I saw Vaughn at Crystal Palace, Coloma, Michigan in the 1950s. 12/22/10
Harry Bassilakis, CT I would like to renew my membership. I was given 'There I Sing/Swing It Again' some twenty years ago, and ever since I play it front to back in my old 1930's diner. Please know in West Hartford Connecticut, on weekend mornings, Vaughn Monroe's entire album is played during breakfast. I, for many years, have introduced so many to his music, and it has become a diner feature. His music is alive and well here. 12/9/10
Sandy Cooley, ME I love music. It's hard right now--I'm fighting breast cancer. If I had the money I would like to get a CD and picture of Vaughn Monroe. I watch him on my westerns channel on TV. He has a good singing voice. I love country music and westerns  when I can see them. Love, Sandy. 9/20/10
Paul Fitzpatrick, NJ My father, Jim Fitzpatrick, played with the band from late in '42 thru '45. 8/21/10
James Stout, PA Have been a fan for many years, but only recently desired to know more about the man. 7/23/10
Maximillian Christian Maier, Kirchbichl, Austria I would like to know about a shellac record from Vaughn Monroe with the title: Oh Marry Marry Me and You Are the One. I own the record since about 1970. The cover has a stamp on it: alph8 grammophone stall-bobo market-broadway-oatford. I appreciate any information. Thank you. 7/15/10
Bernice Bigelow, MA Heard about the Vaughn Monroe Appreciation Society from my neighbor, Ed Shallow. I'm sending along my check in payment of my dues. You know, since I started writing this note, I can hear him singing 'Dance Ballerina.' It's a shame the kids nowadays don't have the excellent singers we enjoyed and in some cases are still enjoying. 7/2/10
Stephen Stearns  Hello ----The voice of this man...Vaughn Monroe... cannot be compared. "Ghost Riders" song is incredible. Wow! I was born in 1950. I remembered hearing his voice on the radio played a lot and his TV commercial for RCA Victor TV. I'm a big fan of his and always will be. Your web site is great...thanks..Steve 6/18/10
Jim Delaney, NJ Have been a Vaughn Monroe fan since the mid 1940's. Home on leave serving during WWII in the U.S.M.C., heard a lot of his music. Later, I believe he played at Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey. I am a retired educator. My wife and I travel frequently internationally. I still play big band records, excuse me, CD's, and enjoy the music of my youth. I am a life member of the Marine Corps League, DAV, American Legion. Former football, basketball official and baseball umpire (professionally for a few years). Semper Fi! 6/4/10
Richard Paine, MA My Grandfather and my father and my uncles and aunts knew Vaughn. 3/22/10
Bonnie Bailey, AR I continue to be a BIG fan of the late, Vaughn Monroe.  In fact, as I write this e-mail I have a Vaughn Monroe CD in my record player. No one could sing, "Racing With The Moon" as he did. For 20 years I was a member of The Ladies Auxiliary at our local hospital-----Crittenden Memorial. I thoroughly enjoyed my job helping all the patients---especially those patients that had no family. I found it so rewarding.3/1/10
Phylesha, NJ Eventually I will become a sustaining member when I can spare some extra bucks! But I always loved Vaughn Monroe since I was in my single digits in the Nineteen Fifties. I just bough a wonderful CD "There I Sing, Swing It Again." I saw it on Amazon for a very low cost. He was one of the very best singers in the Big Band Era, and had one of the nicest personalities! I am very glad to be a part of this. 1/8/10
Judith Keneman, NJ The family story is that my great aunt, Mary Jane 'Maime,' was married to Willis C. Cook who worked for Vaughn Monroe. I am trying to see if this was true. 11/12/09
Bill Wilkinson, NY As a boy I was a neighbor of Andy Bagni, and played trumpet in a band with his son Dick. We were good friends but lost contact. I would like to be put in touch with Dick. 11/10/09
Robert Almendinger, Jr., NY I enjoy all types of music (except certain fast jazz ). I was watching Bonanza about a year ago and heard for the first time Vaughn Monroe sing. I thought it was amazing! I have a true appreciation for anyone that can sing that well with out music. What a true talent! My mother and father recognized his name quite well in fact, and after some Youtube visits and research it lead me to your website. Thank you for posting it. 8/21/09
James Woods, IN I am an absolute admirer of Vaughn's vocal talent. I know of three aunts that adored him in the 40s and they got me into listening to his music and now I own over forty 78s and CDs-- strictly his music. Thanks. 8/1/09
Cynthia Raulston, CA Thank you for hosting such a great site honoring such a fine aritist! He may be gone but he is most certainly NOT forgotten. 6/24/09
James Courtney, OH I am an old man that loves to hear a great voice. Fantastic !!! 6/15/09
Thomas Stevens, TX I have always liked big band music and singers from the 40's. One of the best years for music. 4/5/09
E. Hendrickson, MD Talent will succeed. As Vaughn Monroe did demonstrate. He sounded so great and I remember him still. "Racing With The Moon" sticks in my mind. he will always be remembered by me and fellow Pennsylvanians. From Jeanette, very near here. Always remembered.  As we expect from Pittsburghers, Vaughn Monroe was a true gentleman and a man of immense talent as shown by his achievements.  Just the writing of his songs was enough for any man of music. But he had it all. Expertise on his instruments, even acting. We remember him and always shall. 2/17/09
Tony Gil, VA I always loved Vaughn's music and listened to many of his recordings while attending college at William and Mary in the 1970s. While in high school in Washington D.C., late 1964, I was dancing with my girlfriend at the Shoreham Hotel and Vaughn was dancing next to me with his wife. I asked him, "Are you going to sing tonight?" And his wife said, "Honey, these young people recognized you." It was a thrill. I became an attorney, but in the late 1990s fulfilled my lifelong dream of recording music. I sing the same type of music Vaughn did and have released 7 CDs which have won many awards. ( I count Vaughn among my influences and would love to record a tribute CD with his songs. I now listen to Sirius Satellite Radio and am happy to report that they play him all the time. 2/6/09
Kate Sprouls, Washington DC Cheers Claire - thank you so much!!!! I am more than happy to join the society (my mum was a huge fan and I remember the music she played). 12/19/08
Carter Brooks, FL Retired military pilot.  Love songs from the 1950's! 12/7/08
Jay Mike Hamlin, FL The voice is without peer. Where are these people today? Married to one woman for life! Love the film clip from Carnegie Hall, singing "Beware My Heart."  The only time I saw him in person was in '56 speaking for RCA in the department store I was working for. He was introducing color TV. 12/7/08
George Aresi, NY I am a retired NYC school teacher and have been a Vaughn Monroe fan since 1950.I would like to get hold of any videos of Vaughn with his band that may exist. 11/24/08
Don Simons, OK My love of Vaughn Monroe's music is over 60 years. As a young man in Youngstown, Ohio, I worked and flew at Bernard Airport. One day as I entered the traffic pattern, a slick low-wing plane landed ahead of me and when I entered the office, Vaughn Monroe was in there conversing with the guys. He had a pilot along. His performances at the Palace Theatre there were always a hit. Later, while stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida in 1951, Vaughn performed for the troops and my wife and I were there. "Racing With the Moon" is a favorite song and his strong singing voice always did it justice. I've been a musician all my life - since 10 - when my dad taught me to play his army bugle. I played trumpet for 20 years or so, and then went to piano and organ. Now at 80 I still play my Hammond Commodore daily and love good music. 11/23/08
Diana T. Carpenter, RI I am a big fan of the WWII era and the 40's..... the music (especially), history, styles, movies....everything. Vaughn Monroe is my favorite singer from that time period.  What a voice! I was born in late 1957, so all this is before my time, unfortunately. Despite the war, I can't help but think that it was a much better time. 11/19/08
Charles Moore, FL I'm 78 - married 56 years to Pat - 48 years a consulting actuary - USMC Korean Vet -7 Children - 15 Grand Children - currently tutor math for Daytona State College - Play alto sax for years with different groups in Chicago, Atlanta, Daytona - Conservative - Met Vaughn and talked with him alone at Regency in Atlanta1971 - saw him a few times at the Commodore in NY and at the Capitol Theater in Times Square -Stan Kenton since 1945 - Fan of Vaughn's from 1943 - Lost The Shrine of Saint Cecelia - Good friend for 30 years of Charlie (now deceased) & Joyce Garrod (Ajax & Ajazz). 11/9/08
David Brown, GA I am 44 years old.  Remember Vaughn Monroe music when I was traveling with my father when I was very young.  Love his music, especially the "Maharajah of Magador"and "Ghost Riders in the Sky." 11/9/08
Ted Vassallo, MA I would be happy to be added to the "Friend of the Society" list.  11/9/08
Steve Balkin, IL I am a professor who enjoys good music and living in the past.  Vaughn Monroe has always been one my favorites.  I also like Kate Smith, Sophie Tucker, Mr. Rogers, Dean Martin, Mario Lanza, Danny Kaye, Paul Robeson, Barry Sisters, and Al Jolson among others.  I have a webpage on Roma (gypsy) music. I would like to know if there are any Vaughn Monroe impersonators who perform. 9/17/08
Richard Shockey, FL I have always enjoyed good music. As a teenager in the early 1940s I heard the Big Bands and became a fan of Vaughn Monroe. Due to always being short of cash, I never owned any of his records. Recently I came across some CDs featuring him and greedily bought them and have enjoyed them very much. Thank you for the invitation to join the Vaughn Monroe Appreciation Society. 9/3/08
John Strupith, OR I have fond memories of listening to Vaughn Monroe on my step-father's old RCA 45 record changer. One of my favorites was "Bamboo." 9/1/08
Cindy Seltzer Pollard, MA I am related to Hy Levenson, drummer from the Vaughn Monroe big bands, etc.  My Grandmother, Rose, was his brother. She was a phenomenal pianist. Today, my two sons both enjoy music. One was a saxophonist and now writes music. The other son is an aspiring R&B singer, and once trumpet player!  Music is very important in our lives! I am looking for Robert Levenson, of CA, a member of the VM Society. Thanks. 8/21/08
Jim Feagre, CA Danced to Vaughn Monroe orchestra at Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA; at Owein, Iowa ballroom when home on Navy Leave, 80 miles from hometown; saw Vaughn and his wife at Bermuda Hotel on return from Navy leave; saw him and band at Disneyland, Anaheim CA; listened to him nightly from Commodore Hotel, NYC when in Bermuda. Still his greatest fan!! 8/19/08
John Mark Clifton, KS I live in Kansas City. I am the Executive Director of Maternity Home/Adoption Agency.  I really enjoy music from the 30's and 40's.  I would like to help ensure this type of music lives on. 8/1/08
Bob Jareczek, IN Vaughn has been a favorite of mine since I was a young child. I learned his and Frankie Laine's songs while I was learning to talk. He is the best baritone EVER! 6/4/08
Al Janoska, FL Saw Vaughn at final live "event" at Orlando Air Force Base Officers Club in 1968, forty years ago!  My wife and I sat at the table with Vaughn's wife and Mrs. Lou Feldman.  Lou was a friend of mine and he had booked the band for this final event (before the Navy took over). Lou played sax with the band. Vaughn played a flugelhorn that evening. Vaughn and his wife had driven up from Stuart, Florida, where they lived. Lou and Vaughn, of course, sat with us during breaks.  I have a relatively large collection of Vaughn's recordings. I have a "world class" collection of Sinatra material. I also have an extensive collection of Matt Monro recordings. 5/27/08
R. Gary Thompson, TX Architect that is 58 yrs old. Enjoyed "Ghost Riders in the Sky" when I was a kid. 5/23/08
Susie Ferguson, VA I am enrolling for my mom who is a huge fan of Vaughn Monroe.  His music is great to listen to and she loves listening to it still. 3/29/08
Ken Jackson, MD I host a weekly program on WYPR 88.1 NPR in Baltimore, which features a mix of big band music and popular American standards. 2/17/08
B. Moss, FL I am a daughter of a life-long Vaughn Monroe fan. He was a favorite of my Mom and Dad all through the War. My dad told me that after the war, on the way home on a small Liberty ship, they had one record. It was a Vaughn Monroe record. They listened to both sides for 14 days in a row. What a story! 2/14/08
Donald Kret, AZ My father, John C. Kret, was a schoolmate and good friend of Vaughn Monroe in Cudahy, WI where they both were in Boy Scouts and members of the High School Band where my father played clarinet, and the track team. I believe that my grandfather, Stefan Kret, and Vaughn's father were both employed by the Federal Rubber Co. in Cudahy prior to its closing (c. 1927). In 1948, my brother and I entered a talent contest in Loves Park, IL where we  sang a duet of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" wearing jeans, plaid shirts, bandanas and cowboy hats. We came in 2nd Place. I guess we just weren't the singers that Vaughn was. 2/12/08
Richard Larkin, WI Can't get enough of Vaughn! 2/7/08
Vaughn Polcer, CT Been lovin' Vaughn's music for lots of years, and not because I was named for him. 1/11/08
Kenneth Kaplin, OH I remember Vaughn Monroe from 'Your Hit Parade.' He was my favorite singer when I was growing up in the 50's and 60's and most kids my age were fans of Elvis and the soda pop singers. My favorite song is (Ghost) Riders in the Sky. I would like to find CD's of his hits on the general market and don't know why they aren't included in Columbia House along with Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louie Prima, etc. 1/6/08
Dee Gardner, CA I was born in Lincoln City, IN in 1938. It is a spot-in-the-road town. We used to listen to the radio, and my sister who was 14 years older, taught me all the songs of the era. I adored Vaughn Monroe. I wrote him a fan letter when I was all of 10. He sent me a autographed picture and I was so happy. I wish I still had it. I still adore his voice. I purchased a 3 CD album for myself for Christmas. I can just listen to him over and over and never tire of his voice. I would love to know more about his life. What did he die from so young? His his wife still alive and children. He truly was wonderful. I am glad I found the website. 1/6/08
Brenda Frysinger, FL My Grandfather, Albert Manna/Trumpet (died Feb 2007), played with Vaughn Monroe sometime around "Blue Skies" popularity. I found your site while searching for a copy of the song for my grandmother who said my dad and uncle wore out that record when he brought it home. Any help in identifying the years he was in the band and where to get a copy of the song when he played with Mr. Monroe would be wonderful!  Thank you. 1/2/08
Stewart Doran, Ontario, Canada Great fan of all Vaughn Monroe music and other Crooner type music. Sing for a pastime, mostly at senior homes and church events. Am a semi-retired Police Officer and enjoy all types of music. 12/2/07
Suzanne Shedosky Apgar, IL I believe I'm already an acquaintance as I'm Ed Shedosky's daughter and have corresponded with you quite a while ago (!!!) Now that I'm settled out here in the "sticks" of the great prairie lands, Northwest Illinois, I'd like to become a sustaining member. Your site is getting better and better! 11/15/07
Ray Kehoe, NSW, Australia I first heard the wonderful voice of Vaughn on an old 78 r.p.m. record when I was a child back in the early 60s. I was then and still am in awe of his wonderful voice. 11/12/07
Todd Carpenter, WV I'm a big fan of Vaughn Monroe and I've recorded a couple of his songs on my YouTube channel: 10/5/07
Mel O'Reilly, Ontario, Canada I'm retired. Originally from Ireland, but have resided in Canada for over 50 years. When in high school I used to listen to the AFN radio on short wave, and that is when I first heard Vaughn Monroe. I have enjoyed his singing ever since and have some of his records and tapes which I still listen to. 9/16/07
Steve Lydell, IL A professional musician, I truly enjoy listening to the classics. Was upset that I could not hear the music playing in the background when went to the "Ballroom" page on your website. 9/2/07 [Hopefully the videos will be restored soon! Webmaster]
Barbara Heywang, VA I was introduced to Vaughn Monroe's music through a collection of 78's I played over and over again.  The clarity and freshness of his voice always impressed and relaxed me. All my children grew up with Vaughn and my daughter even used him at her wedding. We are now introducing our grandchildren to this amazing voice. 8/24/07
Bill Lehr, SC I've been racing with the moon for 63 years! 8/23/07
Eileen Havey, MA I was the National President of the Vaughn Monroe Fan Club appointed by Vaughn himself.  I knew him personally and have much memorabilia including personal correspondence.  I am interested in reading more about the memories of others about this talented man. 8/16/07
John Chesterman, Wilts, England I am a brass instrumentalist. I learnt to play the 3 cornet with my local brass band. I played in the late fifties in a local dance band. I t was a time when local ballrooms with dance bands and their singers were still popular. I was brought up on ballad singers such as Vaughn Monroe, Crosby and Sinatra, not to mention UK singers as  Frankie Vaughn and Matt Munroe, plus many others. 7/20/07
Raymond D. Street, CT I have been on earth since 1927 and grew up during the big band era I knew all popular band leaders and vocalists. My brother played trombone in Louie Prima's band and Ralph Flaningan's band. Vaughn Monroe was my favorite singer. 7/14/07
Lee Mitchell, NSW, Australia My father mentioned he would love to hear the song; "THE RICH MAHARAJA OF MAGADOOR" and so I am trying desperately to get it for him. I am trying to help dad live his last wishes and make his life as comfortable as possible. 7/14/07
Edward Liss, NY I was listening to XM satellite radio this morning on my way to work and heard Vaughn’s 1949 #1 hit Ghost Riders in the Sky. While I was only a child of 4 years old in 1949, my father sang in a big band in the late 1930’s – early 1940’s so I used to hear him whistle many a tune from those days. Growing up in NY City I had access to jukeboxes that proliferated every restaurant and beanery at the time and got hooked on them some years later. I have been collecting and restoring antique jukeboxes as a hobby for 33 years now and have 17 restored machines, all containing the records that matched the era at the time, just like in their hey-day. Vaughn Monroe had a beautiful voice and I have several of his most famous hits on 78rpm in some of my machines. One of them is featured in the attachment above. It is a rare 1941 Wurlitzer model 850 “Peacock” jukebox that plays 24 78rpm records. The machine took me 25 years to acquire and has been restored to museum-quality condition. It sounds spectacular. The other machine is an even rarer 1942 Seeburg model 8200M which was just completed after a 7-year restoration. It is the only working model of this jukebox left in the world. All of my machines were in rough condition when I found them and they take years to research and restore, but the results are definitely worth it. Bringing them back to life, giving them back their voice, and making them “sing” again is an honor and a privilege for me.  Vaughn Monroe made a tremendous contribution to the American music culture so it is my pleasure to make his voice and the voices of other “greats” come alive again… 7/11/07

1941 Wurlitzer Peacock


1942 Seeburg

Marsha Warren, OH I believe my father was a member of the Vaughn Monroe band.  His name was Robert Rainey. 7/11/07
David Tarrant, MA It was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks again. 5/19/07
Jean Morrow, MA It was wonderful to share in the society's memories and love of Monroe and his music.  That's the kind of experience that makes our jobs so pleasant and worthwhile. 5/18/07
Kathie Saunders, CA Born in Dec 1942.  Loved V. Monroe when I was growing up.  My Dad could sing 'Racing with the Moon' like Vaughn, and I was taking ballet lessons at age 5 when his recording of Ballerina was released.  Still love that song. 5/11/07
Barry "Walt" Walters, PA Thank you for the membership privileges in the VMAS inner sanctum. I almost never join anything. I sort of follow the philosophy of Groucho Marx who once said something to the effect that he would never join an organization that would have someone like him as a member. 5/9/07
Nicholas Smith, OR Retired Army.  I listened to "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and "Cry of the Wild Goose" so much when I was a little kid until I wore the records out. 5/6/07
Patrick Gardner, WA, Australia Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, far from the US. As a pre-teen youngster first heard Vaughn Monroe (on record and radio) in the nineteen-forties. Was more taken with the likes of Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman, but have always had high regard for Vaughn's voice and have in recent years taken to building up a collection of his recorded material. [My career - I'm now retired - was in teaching mathematics.] 5/1/07
Ken Lewis, CA Hello. My wife, Kristina (Cogan) Lewis, is the niece of Shaye Cogan. Shaye was a regular on the Vaughn Monroe Show and speaks fondly of
those days. I would like to find old photos, articles and prints of Shaye with or without Mr. Monroe. I spent Easter with Shaye and see her on a regular basis. If any members wish to send her a message they can certainly send it through me. 4/13/07
Randy Morse, NY I'm 41. My mom listened to Vaughn when she was younger. I got hooked on Big Band from my mom listening to it. 3/31/07
Richard A. D'Arcy, NJ Mom was Monroe's biggest fan. I miss her. His music brings her back if just for a moment. She was a blue lady. 3/9/07
Ronald Daugherty, PA Looking forward to being a member. 2/18/07
Jack Yaus, OH Always a Vaughn Monroe fan from the Forties through the Fifties. I saw several of his shows and attended his dances many times. 2/13/07
Andy Andersen, CA What a great site - so glad to have found it.  When I was a kid there was one Vaughn Monroe record that grabbed me and wouldn't let go: "IVY" -- I haven't heard it now in over fifty years, but the soaring sound of that superb sonorous voice is still with me. Later, he came to my hometown to perform, and I was most definitely there. What a voice that man had. 1/23/07
Hernan E. Navarro, ID I am still Chilean citizen, waiting for the final formality to became a USA citizen. I came to live in the USA in 1972, working for the World Bank for 29 years until my retirement in 1998; then I moved to Boise, ID. As far as I remember, I think it was in 1945 (I was around 7-8 years old), I listened to Vaughn Monroe and I was fascinated with American pop music-- it was a 45 rpm disc with all the songs related to the moon (Blue Moon, Moon over Miami, Paper Moon, etc.) I have been looking for the same selection, but I had found only a couple of those songs. I still consider Mr. Monroe the best singer in the planet. Best wishes. 12/28/06
Lawrence Schwieger, CA Grew up in Iowa during WWII. Have always loved big band music. Listen to big band music on satellite radio. Retired teacher. Remember Vaughn Monroe and his recordings on the new 45 rpm records just after WWII. 12/25/06
Brian Gallagher, South Hawkes Bay, New Zealand I am a retired professional broadcaster still running a small community fm station specializing  in mid road and nostalgia. Love Vaughn and Glen Miller. 12/23/06
George Aresi, NY I have been a Vaughn Monroe fan since the early fifties. I saw him in person at the Rainbow Room in New York in the mid sixties. Would like to know how I can obtain a video cassette of his big band that he made along with other band leaders. I rented it once and would like to know if it's still in existence. 12/19/06
William H. Chappell, NH I saw him in person many, many years ago in a ballroom in Narragansett, Rhode Island. My favorite is "Racing with the Moon," followed by "Moon over Miami." 12/16/06
Joe Perrello, NJ  My father played trombone in Vaughn Monroe's band. I believe it was 1941 to 1942 (the year I was born, and the reason I believe he came home). He was a member of Local 16, Newark, NJ. 11/9/06
Fred A. Paluba, PA Married 45 years. Vaughn Monroe fan for over 50 years. 10/28/06
Richard Weber, NY I love Vaughn Monroe and grew up with his music always playing in the house. I also restore antique radios and televisions so it is akin to this great music. I love the music of the era and wish it was still being played today instead of the stuff coming out today they call music. Thanks for such a wonderful web site. 10/7/06
Vaughn McGrath, MA When I was born she was looking for a traditional Irish name to give me, and my Mom had a crush on Vaughn Monroe. 7/14/06
Ernie Wurth, NJ I'm 76 and Vaughn Monroe was my favorite singer. I'm glad to have found  this site. 7/1/06
Virgil Young, OK I am 78 years of age and the only good music I like is from the Big Band era. I have lived in Oklahoma City all my life. 7/1/06
Hal S. Dumas, NE I remember listening to Vaughn Monroe on the radio when I was very young. I loved "Ghost Riders" and "Racing With The Moon." I was just curious what happened to Mr. Monroe. I never remembered hearing anything about him after that. 6/18/06
Gary Munroe, MA I grew up listening to Vaughn Monroe as he was one of my father's favorites. He especially loved "Ghost Riders in the Sky." It brings back fond memories of my late Dad. 6/9/06
Glenn Hiller, FL I live in Florida and am retired. I have liked to listen to Vaughn Monroe for many years--and all big band music. 5/22/06
Frances Curcio, NC I am originally from NY. My Mother would have the radio on all day when I was a child. I remember hearing Vaughn Monroe's beautiful voice coming from the radio. 4/25/06
Daniel Colabuno, OH I have been in the jukebox business for the last forty-some years and discovered Vaughn's music on a jukebox many years ago. I have been collecting his records for the last thirty years. I have and extensive collection of restored jukeboxes from the 40's, 50'sand 60's. All of them have at least one to several VM discs. I think Vaughn still sounds the best on an original 78rpm record played on Wurlitzer bubbler from 1946. Great site. 4/24/06
George D. LeMaitre, MA Retired physician. I collect "oldies but goodies" and especially like the deep baritone voice of V. Monroe. I am a writer, both of fiction and non-fiction books, and hope some day to write a biography about Vaughn Monroe. I truly appreciate this web site and the effort you all made to bring it together. 3/20/06
Virgil Young, OK I was born in Oklahoma City on July 7, 1928. I have always liked Vaughn Monroe and looked forward to turning on the radio and hearing "Racing With The Moon." I always thought how wonderful it would be if I had a voice like that. A friend told me of this site and I have listened to "Racing With The Moon" about a dozen time today. Thanks so much. 3/15/06
Doug Houghton, British Columbia, Canada I am 80 years old, a Korean War veteran (Korea 1951-1952), and have always been a fan of Mr. Monroe. What a nifty site to find while surfin'. 3/8/06
Ed Sprague, IN No comment. 2/24/06
Hal Robinson, AZ Retired age 58. I was a part time musician over the years. Played  alto, tenor and baritone sax. Played in dance bands in high school and some in college. Enjoy most types of music, particularly big band and entertainers like Bing Crosby. I am a big Al Jolson fan and have several of his records. I enjoy Vaughn Monroe's voice and have collected several of his 78's. I like his theme song and his other hits, but just acquired a 78 of "Gee I Wish." Great song. Glad I found your website....Hal 2/8/06
Orchid Carlson, NJ Grew up during V. Monroe time - we chose "There I've Said It Again" as 'our song' - my spouse and I. Always hits a 'soft spot' when I hear his recordings, even today. 1/27/06
Neale Walsch, OR I just love Vaughn Monroe's singing. I hope to find his Christmas album. I have three cuts from the album on a Time/Life Christmas album, and they are my favorites. I remember him and his music so well. What a delight to find this website! (Found it through Googling "Vaughn Monroe.") Thanks for being there. 1/17/06
V.A. Bristow, CA My first husband and I listened to him in the 40's and 50's.  My husband could even sing like Vaughn.  My son just sent me a Christmas CD where he sings Auld Lang Syne.  Sure brought back lots of memories. 11/30/05
Linda Stevens, OK I am retired from Veterans Administration and now an unusual artist.  My website is: 11/27/05
Donald Towne, Saskatchewan, Canada I was born in Quebec, Canada and came up during the era of  the big bands.  During high school music was the BIG THING for most of us as well as the War.  With the decline of the big bands and going to work and raising a family (money was tight).  Now retired, I try to find recording by the Big Bands (on CD's).  Living in Saskatchewan after a career with the R.C.M.P. and Regina Police Service and Provincial Gov't. in security. 11/26/05
Dave Eifert, FL Retired firefighter, now Fire Chaplain. Grew up listening to Vaughn Monroe's music and Bob Wills. Great job on the website! 11/20/05
Emile Bedard, ME Love good music. 11/18/05
Jack Gallagher, AZ I'm a guitarist and vocalist.  First heard Vaughn on a CD set called "The War Years."  I had purchased that set of six CDs from a Time/Life infomercial.  My favorite song is "Let's Get Lost."  Having trouble finding the sheet music. 11/18/05
Paula Calvert, Calgary, Canada Hello from Canada! I am a Big Fan of all the music from the War Years, and have always loved, and appreciated the music of Vaughn Monroe. They sure don't make great music like this these days! I was raised in military life...Canadian Air dad was a meteorologist. Have traveled from coast to coast in Canada, and the United States, many times.. have visited over half of your beautiful States, and I adore the American people! Have been a single mom since 1984...GOD and I raised 5 wonderful children... they are now all happy, successful adults. I am now retired, and I am a writer... poetry, and children's books. Love travel, reading, writing, and am a real animal lover... am particularly fond of Collies and Shelties. Have, in past years, shown several different breeds of dogs, and also, have worked with Collie and Sheltie Rescue Units here in Calgary. If anyone in the Club would care to correspond with this Irish lady (I was born on St. Patrick's Day 1944, in Saint John, New Brunswick... Eastern Canada, on the Atlantic Ocean), I would love some new pen pals or phone friends! My parents always had a love for all of the great music, and great songs of the war years, so, I come by my love and appreciation of it quite honestly. 11/9/05
Robert Levenson, CA My father is Hy Levenson, who is alive and well and will be celebrating his 91st birthday on January 31. 11/8/05
Lew Crispell, NY Please tell me how I may join the Vaughn Monroe Society. I had met Vaughn and his band several times during the late 40's and early 50's. There was a fan club for him at that time, and thru this club, I met a very nice girl in Long Island. Sorry to say that we never got married, and I often wonder what happened to her. 10/31/05

Peter Masterjohn, MA I got XMradio in my new honda. Channel 4 has hits from the 40s. V.M. voice is special and I love it. 8/26/05

Betty Johnson, NH I would be honored to be a member that celebrates the life of such a wonderful person as Vaughn. Count me in. 8/13/05
Leopold Morelli, NY When I first started to play music on my father's record player, I listened to Vaughn Monroe. 7/30/05
Joel Klein, NY I've been a Monroe fan since the mid fifties and as I noted had the pleasure of seeing him in person. I'm primarily interested in getting his material on CD, would appreciate any source addresses that you might have. FYI--Redmond Nostalgia, P.O. Box 82, Redmond, WA 98073-0082 has a number of his radio shows on cassette and CD. Metolius Music (formerly Joyce Music), P.O. Box 25802, Portland, OR 97298 has a number of cassettes in chronological order of his RCA material. I remember seeing him lip sync "There's No Piano In This House" on American Bandstand (circa 1958). Also remember Vaughn and Marian on "Person to Person" about 1954. Vaughn appeared frequently as a singer on the NBC Bandstand ( a daily radio/TV simulcast around 1955 or 1956) hosted by former Caravan announcer Bert Parks. He released an album by "The Vaughn Monroe Singers" about 1969 on the same label as "Deck of Cards." 7/19/05

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