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The co-founders of the Vaughn Monroe Appreciation Society, Lou Kohnen and Claire Schwartz, have kindly asked me to write a short introduction.  I thank them for this honor and also for the efforts they've expended in putting together this genuine compliment to my uncle's art.
Uncle Vaughn loved music.  All of us who know and enjoy his work can see the evidence of that emotion not only in the lyrics and music of the pieces he chose to perform but also in the obvious passion he had performing them. He was, as many of us know, a consummate musician.  He participated in the writing of many of his most well known songs and as far as memory serves,  from what I've been told, there wasn't a single instrument common to the big band era that Uncle Vaughn couldn't pick up and play with proficiency.

My personal memories of him contain examples of warmth and kindness. When speaking to us, his voice resonated gentle calmness.  His visits to us were a cause for much joy.  He loved family.
Some of us were closer to Vaughn Monroe than others but we all cherish his magnificent voice, personality and the contribution he made to one of the most moving of art forms.
As long as music exists there will always be; "Racing With The Moon", "Ghost Riders In The Sky", "Mule Train", "Dance Ballerina Dance" and a list of other exceptional musical images displayed on the walls of our memory.
And, with good people like Lou and Claire...and the rest of us who love his work, there will always be a place for us to go and appreciate those wonderful pieces together.
Uncle Vaughn would be thankful for this expression.
 Joseph I. Monroe
 November 2001





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