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From 1940s souvenir booklet . . .

"You wouldn't call it singing. You wouldn't call it a voice. It's a freak. It's God's gift to no man," says Ziggy Talent, saxophonist and novelty singer with the Vaughn Monroe orchestra. That's how Ziggy answers you when you ask him about his voice. And he's not kidding. Talent knows well enough that he's no Sinatra, Como, or for that matter, Monroe.







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He specializes in numbers such as SAM, YOU MADE THE PANTS TOO LONG; JOSEPHINE, PLEASE NO LEAN ON THE BELL; and CASANOVA CRICKET. Ziggy may not be a crooner, but his following is almost as fanatic as theirs. He was born in Boston, Mass., on Jan. 25, 1912, sang in choirs and in school glee clubs. His voice he claims, has always been strange, always "high, without touching the beauty of a soprano--sort of a cross between milk and sour cream, like buttermilk."

Though you'd never suspect it now, zany Ziggy was a bashful child. Once, at a Sunday family gathering, the kind that are part of New England tradition, the elder Talents called upon their young prodigy to sing. Ziggy obliged, he says, but "from behind the door in the next room, where nobody could see. I was only ten, so I guess I can be excused."

t was at this time that Ziggy got his first saxophone. His brother, Leo, a musician, was playing in a three-piece outfit at a Boston hotel. Leo brought Ziggy along to see the show. "I brought my kazoo with me," reminisces Ziggy, "and while they were doing a number I kazooed along with them. One of the patrons heard me, was curious, and asked Leo about me. Leo told him I was just his kid brother and that I was practicing to be a saxophonist."

Ziggy had no idea at the moment that he would become a saxophonist. But next day, Leo, who had by then become convinced that it might be a good idea, went out and rented an instrument and hired a teacher for his kid brother. "So," cracks Ziggy, "I got a big kazoo with keys, for the small one."

Zany Ziggy explains "The Telephone No Ring"

 to an impatient Vaughn as he monopolizes

the only available telephone backstage.



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