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Short Bio. . .

Shaye Cogan sang with Vaughn Monroe on the Camel Caravan radio program, and appeared as a regular on the Camel Caravan televsion show. They did many song and dance numbers together, as well as skits on the short-lived television series that aired in the early 1950s. Shaye went on to co-star in several movies, most notably with Abbott & Costello in "Coming 'Round the Mountain" in 1951 and "Jack and the Beanstalk" in 1952. Shaye started out in Vaudeville with her two brothers, Mike and Charlie, as The Coggins Trio. She changed her stage name to Cogan some time later.


On Shaye's Passing . . .

We received the following news from Susan Menke, niece of Shaye Cogan, who performed with Vaughn Monroe on the Camel Caravan radio and television shows:

We're here in San Jose, California, visiting family and we were planning on seeing Shaye next week. Sadly, on Friday, June 12 (2009), just hours after our plane landed, Shaye passed away. She had been living in Modesto, in a very nice senior living facility in her own apartment, but several days ago she fell and went into the hospital to recover. While there, she got an upper respiratory infection which took her life. Her brother (my Uncle Don) was with her, along with Don's wife and their grown children and grandchildren. Shaye didn't have children of her own. She' been born in 1924. She was 84 years old.

Shaye's nephew, Donald, also wrote to inform us of his Aunt Shaye's sudden passing. Donald writes:

My Aunt was Shaye Cogan-Morris. I was with my Aunt last Friday night when she passed away. She was an incredible lady and will be missed.


Shaye Cogan and Vaughn Monroe at CBS studios

The beautiful Shaye Cogan co-starred with Vaughn Monroe on his Camel Caravan television series in the early 1950s and recorded the delightful "I Like It, I Like It, I Like It" with Vaughn during that same time period. Miss Cogan's playful style is a cute complement to Vaughn's conservative demeanor. This duet brings out the fun for all to enjoy.
Shaye Cogan had a spunky personality that complimented Vaughn so winningly on the television variety show. Her personality came through in her smile and the mischievous gleam in her eye. He could sweep her off her feet in a wedding skit, or dance a Scottish "fling" with her as his little "lass," and you just knew that they were a silver-screen couple. Shaye and Vaughn had a stage chemistry that sparkled.

Vaughn Monroe and Shaye Cogan rehearse a number for the

Camel Caravan television series which aired on CBS in 1950-51.