Female Vocalists - Lee Sisters

Years with Vaughn Monroe

194_ - 1946


Summary of Group


Miriam Lee


Jean Lee


Maree Lee


Virginia Halcombe



Miriam, Jean, Virginia Halcombe,

Maree Lee (front)

photo courtesy of Maree Lee Eger










Female Vocalists

Marylin Duke

Rosemary Calvin

Cece Blake

Del Parker

Murphy Sisters

Norton Sisters

Lee Sisters


Shaye Cogan

Betty Johnson

Male Vocalists

Ziggy Talent































Four of a kind. Those tall, dark, and

lovely Lee Sisters are featured with

Vaughn's orchestra.

From "Radio Album" November 1942, courtesy of Maree Lee Eger


Lee Sisters- State and Lake Theatre,

Chicago, 1942

Photo courtesy of Benny West


Maree Lee

On the chronology of the girls vocal groups. . .

I was with Vaughn with my sisters, The Lee Sisters and then when they wanted to quit because of marriages to men in the service, I left and went with Dick Rogers Band for six months as a soloist. I came back to New York after that 6 months and later joined Vaughn's band with the Norton Sisters. They were a trio and I joined them to make it a quartette. Later, when they were getting married in 1946, he hired the girls from Texas and Vaughn named us the Moon Maids. There were 5 girls in the beginning, but after several months of traveling, ArleneTruax went back to Texas. That left Mary Jo, Tinker, June and myself.


I left Vaughn's band on December 20th, 1952 to get married.

June 2002


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