Did You Know?

The following was posted on our bulletin board by Jerry Furris and Herb Wasserman. The information is gathered from album liner notes and various bios from music encyclopedias. Jerry writes: Some I witnessed myself....

"Did you Know?" that Vaughn Monroe's TV Show was the first variety show to be shown fully in color. (How come none of those shows are available for us to buy?) They surely had shown Mr. Monroe's full array of talents. He even danced while he sang! Full color of all TV shows was far off yet.

"Did you know?" that Vaughn Monroe
was spokesman for demonstrating the first television stereo broadcast on the Garry Moore Show (10/21/58) and even conversed with Gary about the new system. Mr. Monroe did commercials demonstrating how the new medium worked. Using the mono FM signal on the TV show (no stereo there for a long time to come either) and with a local AM or FM monophonic simulcast (FM stereo was just coming in on a very limited scale) the two channel medium was heard. Not the greatest reception, but it perked up interest for a whole new entertainment medium. Vaughn not only did the stereo demo, but did commercials for RCA color TV and for his newest LP. He even sang "You Were Meant For Me" on the show. This landmark television show can be viewed in New York's Radio and TV Museum.  

"Did you know?" that it's been estimated that Vaughn Monroe and his crew accrued more than half a million miles, traveling mostly by bus to do their many years of playing around the country. It may have been many more for Mr. Monroe personally. He did use his plane and did also ride an Indian motorcycle to get around busy New York City for various recording sessions and meetings.

"Did you know?" that colleges in the early 50's realized they needed named big bands to get crowds to attend their dances. Mr. Monroe and his crew got the biggest amount on record for a one night stand. Most bands got around $2,000 for one. He got a record $4,200. Wonder what that would be in today's money. Remember the average worker at the time made around $3,000 a year gross wages if that doesn't seem like a lot to you. That was back in what has been come to be known as 'the good old days.' Sorry don't have info on which college that was.

"Did you know?" that the film "Toughest Man in Arizona," which starred our favorite singing bandleader cowboy, was released in 1952. A publicity book at the time had this article included in the outline of information to dispense promoting the movie:
No doubles were required for Vaughn Monroe during the chase sequences in his latest starring picture for Republic, "The Toughest Man in Arizona". Monroe is an expert rider and he stables eight horses in a riding academy near Boston.
It seems "Versatility" should have been Mr. Monroe's middle name too!