Search Tips for finding songs on Vaughn Monroe CDs


1. Use quotation marks (") around a series of words in a song title to produce results that match the phrase exactly.

Example: Typing, "Ghost Riders In The Sky" will return only those CDs with the song title exactly as shown within the quotation marks, but you may miss CDs with the song included if it is typed differently on the track list.

Typing "Ghost Riders" will return CDs with that song listed as Ghost Riders and Ghost Riders In The Sky.


2. Use a plus sign (+) to produce results that match both the words (think of it as an "and" between the words).

Example: Typing, Brave + Beloved will return CDs with both the words Brave and Beloved in the track listing resulting in Be Brave, Beloved.


3. Type in a key word or words from the song title. This will result in matches for any of the key words (for multiple words, think of it as an "or" between the words).

Example: Typing, Ghost will return CDs with track listings for Ghost Riders, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Ghost Trains, Host Meets Ghost.




This customized search engine searches only the Vaughn Monroe CDs listed in the Discography section of the VMAS website. Recently changed or new website pages may not be recognized by the search engine right away, because the Google Web Crawler only accesses certain pages of the VMAS website on a weekly or monthly basis.


We hope this makes looking for a particular song or CD easier since you can search from the homepage of the website.