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Band We were notified on August 23 that Betty Norton, female vocalist with the Norton Sisters is very much alive, after receiving a report in April that she had passed away! Betty's grandson contacted us to say the former information was not true. We apologize for any confusion. 9/7/2016
Links Discog, an online discography of Vaughn's recordings. Thanks to Herb Wasserman. 7/28/2016

Tributes  Photos added and closing comment by Cathy. 8/23/2015

"A Trip to Stuart to say 'Goodbye'" by Cathy Norton. 8/2/2015

Bulletin Board High school auditorium dedicated in honor of Vaughn Monroe in Jeannette, Pennsylvania --Vaughn's alma mater. 4/22/2015
Band Remembrances of Vaughn Monroe Orchestra bass player, Jack Fay, by his daughter, Edie (Fay) Palermo. 1/31/2015
Links "Loving the Classics" website is a source for Vaughn Monroe western movie DVDs. Thanks to Stephen Ford. 1/31/2015
Band We are saddened to report the passing of Moonmaid Lois Wilber Johnson on December 15, 2014 12/27/2014
Discography V-Disc information updated thanks to Bob Mullen. 11/30/2014
Sustaining Members list updated with active members for 2014 identified. 10/18/2014
Spotlight Stage in your Backstage Pass to Vaughn Monroe--"Annie Get Your Gun" is back!! 8/8/2014
Journals in your Backstage Pass to Vaughn Monroe-- "Vaughn's New Hampshire Hideaway" by Richard Longtin. This decade-long research project was submitted by Dick and his wife Pat for our members to enjoy!  7/6/2014
Bulletin Board Vaughn Monroe Tribute Radio Program May 4 on Olde Tyme Radio Network by broadcaster Duane Victor Keilstrup.  5/3/2014
Bulletin Board Vaughn Monroe Tribute Concert at New England Conservatory, March 2, 2014 featuring trombonist, Dan Gable. 2/1/2014
Membership form is fixed (no thanks to Network Solutions!). We are using a free form-builder through In any case, check out the Membership page of the website. 12/29/13
VM Video page is up and has now replaced the Ballroom. 12/7/13
Comment section now has a working form for website visitors to leave a comment. When new comments are received, names will be listed below. Previous comments dating back to 2005 are all currently listed in chronological order on the page. 11/29/13
Music Room Three rare recordings of very early Vaughn Monroe have been added to the music room play list. These have been featured on the website in the past, but are now permanent selections on the play list. 11/29/13
Bulletin Board The New England Conservatory Jazz Orchestra presented an evening of The Music of Vaughn Monroe and Billy Eckstine. Thanks to Dan Gabel. 11/22/13
A fresh look to the VMAS website. Sustaining Member Pages are now the Backstage Pages and open to all website visitors interested in learning more about Mr. Monroe. 11/2/13
Bulletin Board Big Band Historian, John Tumpak, will present a "Tribute to Vaughn Monroe" at the South Pasadena Senior Center on July 24. 6/22/13
Ballroom Updated links to YouTube videos. 4/20/13
Bulletin Board A Trip Down Memory Lane - Vaughn Monroe at 100. David Lobosco posts an nostalgic article at the Great Entertainers Archive blogspot. 4/21/12
Band  Robert Gagnon remembers his grandfather, Nappy Gagnon, who played piano with the newly formed Vaughn Monroe Orchestra at Seiler's Ten Acres. 1/22/12

Bulletin Board Award ceremony at the Western Music Hall of Fame in November 2011. Vaughn Monroe's daughters accept  award on behalf of their father. 1/22/12

Links Vaughn Monroe photo archive at the New England Conservatory of Music. Thanks to the work of librarian Jean Morrow and archivist Maryalice Perrin-Mohr. 9/19/11
Resume Vaughn Monroe radio jingles for American Cancer Society and RCA as well as a radio interview with David Schwartz from July 30, 1972. 8/6/11
Band Newspaper articles submitted by Jeff Hummel, son of Earle Hummel, who played violin in the Vaughn Monroe Orchestra.  4/11/11
Discography  New CD just released by Flare UK - You Are The One  3/23/11
Resume Find out which song was the first song that Vaughn sang on the radio (Station KDKA) in 1931 when he was a student at Carnegie Tech. Thanks to Jerry Furris. 2/20/11
Resume Section three more  RCA television ads included, plus Vaughn does an ad for New Horizons sailboats in 1961. In addition, Vaughn's stage appearance in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" in 1958 has been added to his list of theatre work.  11/10/10
Links update to Facebook. Link takes you right to fan club page. 11/7/10
Links section refreshed and updated. 1/23/10
Biography section updated to include an interesting artist bio from  1/16/10
Resume link to Tobacco Videos added to the advertisement list for Camel Cigarettes. Thanks to June Hiett-Bratone's daughter for finding these and Tinker Rautenberg for passing the information along.  1/9/10
Band Shaye Cogan tribute added to her page under female vocalists. 12/12/09
Music Room "Mule Train" now on the playlist by request. 10/31/09
Discography Webmaster's Recommendations added to the list of Vaughn Monroe CDs. 10/2/09
Achievements Link to song chart database website called TsorT thanks to Herb Wasserman. 9/2/09
Discography RCA Gold Standard Series EP "Vaughn Monroe's Greatest Hits" (RCX-1043) added to the list. 7/25/09
Discography Dot 45 (45-157) added to the list. 7/25/09
Resume New information on Vaughn's television show Air Time '57 thanks to Jerry Furris. 7/25/09
Features added to the password protect portal.  Sustaining members can request their password (we'll see how long this lasts, or if this receives an undue amount of abuse from website visitors and spammers). Also, there is now a "logout" button in the Sustaining Member Pages that takes you back to this homepage. 6/5/09
Discography New import CD added to list thanks to Jerry Furris--"The Best of Vaughn Monroe" released by Music & Memories (no issue date known). Please note that it will take a while for the Google "search" feature to pick up this CD on the list. 5/22/09
Band updated with information on Vaughn Monroe orchestra member Joseph Bennett. Submitted by Jerry Furris. 5/1/09
Band updated with newspaper articles submitted by Vaughn Monroe orchestra-member Ed Shedosky's daughter, Suzanne. 4/29/09
Discography Information added for RCA LP, "Vaughn Monroe Plays Cole Porter for Dancing" thanks to Jerry Furris. 4/14/09
Music Room  "Where Or When" added to the Play List by request of Dan Mugan. 3/6/09
Music Room  "The Phantom Stage Coach" added to the Play List by request of John Flood. 2/16/09
Resume  Much new radio show information added: "Music America Loves Best," "The Vaughn Monroe Show," "Stars on Parade," "Guest Star," "Stars for Defense," "Eyes on the Skies," "Treasury Song Parade &Treasury Song for Today," and "Let's Go with Music."  1/31/09
Discography LP cover "Dance with Me" issued 1969, and "Songs for Always." Thanks to Jerry Furris for this addition. 1/23/09
Discography LP from the Contour label in England, "Vaughn Monroe - His Greatest Hits" released in 1968. Thanks to Jerry Furris for this addition. 1/5/09
Band  Photo of Murphy Sisters on sheet music for Tampico (a rare find!) added in the Summary section  thanks to Ben Vanhees. 12/19/08
Discography Best of Vaughn Monroe cassette from RCA released in 1967. The LP (with two unique covers), also released in 1967, was previously listed in the discography under Camden Records.  11/29/08
Band  Photo of Norton Sisters added in the Summary section  thanks to Ben Vanhees. 11/29/08
Discography Lang-Worth Transcriptions added. 10/17/08
Discography Gold Standard 45 Extended Play set "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky"  9/30/08
Ballroom Two new links to YouTube videos: RCA Sportabout Portable TV and Reader's Digest Demo.  9/21/08
About Us Section updated to include more recent photo of society co-founders, Claire and Lou.  9/21/08
Discography Release dates added for Vaughn's RCA Victor sets.  9/21/08
Discography 45 Extended Play set "All About  Moons."  9/4/08
Discography  2-CD Set "Racing with the Moon: An Anthology 1940-56."  9/4/08
Music Room  Song "Bamboo" on play list as requested by John Strupith. 9/4/08
Ballroom  Link to YouTube video of Vaughn in "Singing Guns" has been restored thanks once again to Jim Stewart. 8/23/08
Music Room  Last month's featured song, "Mountain Laurel" on play list as requested by Arlene Nagy.  8/23/08
Discography  Demand Performance cassette tape added "Vaughn Monroe LIVE" thanks to Jay Popa.  8/1/08
Ballroom Links to YouTube videos of Vaughn in "What's My Line," "Carnegie Hall" and "Meet the People."  7/3/08
Resume Vaughn's radio work on Treasury Star Parade had been supplemented with an image of a recording disc from Program No. 25 thanks to Bill Freytag.  6/8/08
Music Room "When The Lights Go On Again" on playlist as requested by Bob Boreck. "And So It Ended" as requested by Evan Edwards, son of the late songwriter Jack Edwards who penned "And So It Ended" with his sister, Joan.  6/8/08
Achievements Vaughn was selected as one of the "Most Magnetic Men in America" by the American Association of Fashion Models in 1951.  5/9/08
Music Room "Mexicali Trail" on playlist as requested by Dan Mugan.  4/4/08
Music Room  Comments for "Salud, Dinero Y Amor" by Pete and Claire. Pete's post includes the Spanish lyrics.  3/16/08
Music Room  Song on Play List. More Ziggy Talent with "Katinka" -- a lively little Russian number that's lots of fun!  3/15/08
Achievements  Section updated with a  new category for "honors" bestowed on Mr. Monroe during his career. We know there are many more, but this is a start.  3/14/08
Band Section update with new pages for Del Parker, Shaye Cogan and Betty Johnson.  2/15/08
Band  Section link to the Maury Laws website thanks Karen Laws whose husband Maury sang with Vaughn's Moonmen.  An extremely talented composer, arranger, conductor and vocalist, you'll be surprised at your connection with Maury through television and movies! 2/15/08
Discography CD "Vaughn Monroe......and the Band Swings" added to the list of import CDs 1/1/08
Band Section update thanks to Steve and Jeff Hummel whose father played violin with Vaughn's orchestra. 11/17/07
Discography Clarification of V-Disk war-time recording process submitted by Art Shifrin. 10/22/07
Ballroom  Links to YouTube restored. 10/21/07
Music Room  New song on playlist. "My Devotion" requested by David Jackson.  9/30/07
Music Room. New comments on playlist for "I'll Buy That Dream" from  Herb Wasserman.  7/14/07
Discography  Section updated to include RCA Victor "Easy to Love" 45 Extended Play record thanks to Jerry Furris.  7/7/07
Links Section updated to include a link to the Vaughn Monroe profile in the New England Conservatory's  notable alumni section.  6/21/07
Music Room. New song on play list. "I'll Buy That Dream" thanks to Barry "Walt" Walters.  6/3/07
Music Room New song on play list. "Desert Flower" by special request from member Arlene Nagy.  4/6/07
Discography Addition to RCA singles  for Victor 20-3411, a special edition of "Riders in the Sky" thanks to Patrick Gardner  3/31/07
Discography  Correction to V-Disc information posted on main page thanks to Morgan Wright. 2/24/07
Music Room Comments for "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky" from Mike Piche (scroll down the play list to find this song).  2/17/07
Music Room  Comments for "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky" from Ken Waldorf  (scroll down the playlist to find this song).  1/24/07
Achievements  Section updated to include a more complete listing of songs written by Vaughn Monroe. Thanks to Jerry Furris.  12/16/06
Resume  Section updated to include more of Vaughn's television appearances. 11/20/06
Discography  Section updated to include Jasmine MAIN EVENT CD under import CDs. Includes track listing and commentary. 11/3/06
Resume  List of arrangers for the Vaughn Monroe Orchestra.  9/8/06
Band Section updated to include photographs of Babe Feldman and the Vaughn Monroe Orchestra previously posted on old website. 8/25/06
Biography  Section updated to include most popular web summaries. 8/12/06
Resume  Information added on television shows "American Bandstand," "Texaco Star Theatre," "Ford Startime," "What's My Line" and various other additional game shows added to list. 8/12/06
Sustaining Section Site Map  New section added to the website. 7/16/06
Discography  Information on V-Disc, Langworth and AFRS previously posted on old website. 7/14/06
Resume Radio show performances added for Vaughn's 1943 appearance in AFRS Command Performance and a 1945 guest spot on The Tommy Dorsey Show. Thanks to Jerry Furris. 7/6/06
Music Room  Comments on play list for "Racing with the Moon" by Marjory (Butler) Teachout. 7/6/06
Discography New information regarding 1969 Reader's Digest  recordings of songs included on the 1982 CBS Records release "The Mellow Voice of Vaughn Monroe." Thanks to Jay Popa. 6/20/06
Music Room Comments on play list for "The Maharajah of Magador" by Joe McGrath. 6/20/06
Discography New information regarding CBS Records release "The Mellow Voice of Vaughn Monroe." Thanks to James Stewart. 6/2/06
Music Room  New song on play list. "Begin the Beguine" requested by member Arlene Nagy. 5/22/06
Music Room.  New comments on play list for "Let It Snow" by Merlyn Albaugh. 5/19/06
Music Room  Comments on play list for "Valley Forge," the song written by Ronald J. Malecki. 5/12/06
Discography  New information on the Singing Maestro collection box under RCA Victor albums thanks to Brett Johnson. 4/9/06
Music Room New song on play list. Vaughn's hit "Ballerina" has been requested. 3/15/06
Music Room New song on play list. Vaughn's operatic piece "Vestila Giubba" from "Paglacci" has been requested. 2/28/06
Resume Vaughn  guests  on "Ellery Queen" radio show thanks to Herb Wasserman. 12/26/05, 1/2/06
Music Room  Comments on play list for "Ghost Riders" by Diamond Dave. 12/26/05
Resume I have spent some time adding additional remotes and interviews to the list of recorded broadcasts in the Resume section of the website.  While it's not my intent to have a complete listing, I want to include the broadcasts available on CD. 11/19/05; minor updates 12/7/05
Links  Mark Caputo has a listing of available Vaughn Monroe remotes on his website, which has added to the listings in the Links section under "items to buy."  11/14/05
Vital Statistics According to records at the New England Conservatory, Vaughn Monroe was enrolled at the music school in 1935. We have corrected this date in the Vital Statistics section.  11/10/05
Resume Many of Vaughn's radio broadcasts are now available on CD from various sources. We have updated the Resume section to include a listing of some of these programs. 10/30/05
Resume Vaughn appeared in this radio quiz show from January 9 to October 1, 1942 sponsored by Camel Cigarettes. We have added this show to the Resume section under Radio. Thanks to Herb Wasserman 10/15/05
Discography We have added a release date for Vaughn's Music for Yachtsmen album in the Discography section. Vaughn recorded this album with Betty Johnson for Hilton Records. Betty recalls that they recorded it while she was working for Jack Paar in 1957-1958. 10/15/05
Launching of the new website. The Vaughn Monroe Appreciation Society website has a new look. The information accumulating on the previous website was becoming unwieldy, and the site was becoming difficult to navigate. (I likened it to my "online scrapbook.") Lou and I both concurred that some revision in format and content was necessary. So here it is! 9/24/05

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