Flare Uk
Country: England
Released: July 13, 1999
TRACK NOTES: VM = Vaughn Monroe,  MM = Moon Maids
  NS = Norton Sisters,  ZT = Ziggy Talent
  MD = Marilyn Duke



1.  Melody Time (VM and MM)

2.  So You're The One (VM)

3.  Blue Shadows On The Trail (VM and MM)

4.  My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time (VM)

5.  When The Angelus I s Ringing (VM and MM)

6.  Love On A Greyhound Bus (VM and NS)

7.  Matinee (VM and chorus)

8.  Cool Water (VM and The Sons of the Pioneers)

9.  Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did (VM and Betty Norton)

10. Someone Cares (VM and MM)

11. The Maharajah Of Magador (ZT)

12. Love For Love (VM)

13. Talkin' To Myself About You (VM and NS)

14. A Story Of Two Cigarettes (VM)

15. Tangerine (VM)

16. Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland (VM and MM)

17. Yours (Quiereme Mucho) (MD)

18. And So It Ended (VM)

19. Give A Broken Heart A Break (VM and MM)

20. Changing My Tune (VM and Betty Norton)

21. Cabin In The Sky (VM)

22. Just The Other Day (VM and MM)

23. And It Still Goes (VM)

24. I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams (VM and MM)

25. Riders In The Sky (VM and quartet)