MONROE, Vaughn - The Main Event - from Jasmine Records Label:


Released: 2006
Item Code: JASCD 444


Liner notes: Robert Nickora



                                   Disc 1

1.  Riders In The Sky (Jones)

2.  Wonder Why (Cahn, Brodszky) From the Film: Rich, Young and Pretty

3.  Dancing Girl (Jones)

4.  Ballerina (Sigman, Russell)

5.  Love And Devotion (Rinker, Huddleston)

6.  Old Soldiers Never Die (Glazer)

7.  Sound Off! (Duckworth, Lentz)

8.  Always, Always In My Dreams (Merrill) Featuring: The Major-Minors

9.  I (Berle, Arnold, Mellin)

10. Roses and Revolvers (Burke, Webster, Raye)

11. Co-ed (Dee, Lippman)

12. A Man's Best Friend Is His Horse (Lubin, Vann, Moore) From the Film: Toughest Man in Arizona

13. That Lucky Old Sun (Gillespie, Smith)

14. My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time (Curtis, Mizzy)

15. Mexicali Trail (Skylar, Moore) From the Film: Singing Guns

16. The Phantom Stage Coach (Kennedy, Singer)

17. Dark Is The Night (Cahn, Brodszky)

18. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Styne, Cahn) Featuring: The Norton Sisters

19. The Jolly Old Man In The Brigth Red Suit (Skyler)

20. A Marshmallow World (Sigman, DeRose) Featuring: The Moon Maids

21. Snowy White Snow And Jingle Bells (Reid) Featuring: The Moon Maids

22. Frosty, The Snowman (Rollins, Nelson)

23. Toyland (MacDonough, Herbert) From the Operetta: Babes in Toyland

24. Don't Fence Me In (Porter)

25. Singing My Way Back Home (Moore, Vann) From the Film: Singing Guns

26. Learn To Lose (Brady, Gilkyson)

27. Mister Sandman (Ballard)

28. Rock And Roll Express (McFarlnad)



                                    Disc 2

1.  Wait For Love (Tiomkin, Washington) From the Film: Tension at Table Rock

2.  Main Event (Sawens, Leigh, Grant)

3.  Redwood Smoke (Carroll, Manning)

4.  You could Hear A Pin Drop (Russell, Luboff) Featuring: The Satisfiers

5.  Don't Go To Strangers (Evans, Kent, Mann)

6.  Meanderin' (Coben, Grean, Botsford)

7.  Rollin' Heart (Hackady, Nelson)

8.  The Butterscotch Mop (Merrill)

9.  Blue Tail Fly (folk song)

10. Billy Boy, Billy Boy (Lawrence, Howell)

11. Skip To My Lou (folk song)

12. Shoot The Buffalo (folk song)

13. The Great American Dream (Wise, Lisbena)

14. This Is My Country (Wise, Frisch)

15. The Moon Was Yellow (Leslie, Ahlet)

16. Not For A Long, Long Time (Segal, Fisher)

17. The Fiesta (Kennedy, Simon)

18. Guessing (Gallup, Wayne)

19. Steel Guitar (Skylar)

20. There She Goes (Addeo, Moore)

21. The Holy Bible (Merlin, Fredericks)

22. The Ten Commandments (Ackers, Skylar)

23. Goodnight, Mrs. Jones (Hamblen)

24. I Know For Sure (Rox)

25. I Turned It Down (Bradford, Romano)

26. Talkin' To A Sparrow (Anderson)

27. Lila (Tishman)

28. Yours (Shere, Roig)

29. What A Dif'rence A Day Made (Grever, Adams)