"An Honorary Moonmaid" --

At the Palm Beach Pops

April 6, 2006

by Fran Swenson


Thursday, April 6, I drove into the Marriot in West Palm Beach where I had reservations for that night in a room close to the Moonmaids. Even though I have e-mailed the other three girls, I had never met them. They were so precious with fabulous personalities and included ME in on everything from that time on.

I got to eat supper with the entire orchestra and specialties, all the big wigs in the field.  I got to ride in the most beautiful white streeeeeeeeetch limo from place to place. Let me tell you, those Moonmaids were treated royally. They certainly did deserve it, right? Can you even imagine how absolutely thrilling it was for me to be there staying with them?

Wasn't it fantastic when they got on the stage? The blend they craved was still there and they knocked the socks from everyone. The applause for them was the greatest of the evening's performance. They kept asking for "MORE, MORE." It was truly breathtaking. They were recognized by the Maestro saying that 60 years ago they started out with Vaughn Monroe. Wasn't that amazing?

After their brilliant performance we all went to a Grand Champaign reception where loads of professional pictures were taken. Then to top it all off, the MAESTRO invited us to the most exclusive hotel in West Palm Beach-- "The Colony"-- for dinner. Never in my lifetime have I seen such opulence. The girls were asked to sing there too with other high ranking performers. Man were they GOOD. The Maestro insisted that they were to come back again next year for his performance AND wants them to be registered with the "POPS CIRCUIT" which means more jobs for them. Well, that is extremely impressive. They had to pinch themselves to believe it was all happening to them. Such excitement!!!!!! They really did  make a HIT.