Comments Received from Tribune-Review News Article

Hi Claire,
I saw your article in the Greensburg Tribune Review and remembered my Father telling me as a child that He proudly attended and  graduated 1930 from Jeannette High with Vaughn Monroe.  I also remembered listening to his records.  I decided to look through some old records I have and found two:  IF I STEAL A KISS/WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME, from the M-G-M film The Kissing Bandit and YOU CAN'T SEE THE SUN WHEN YOUR CRYING/AND SO TO BED, Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra, vocal refrains by Vaughn Monroe and The Moon Maids.
Really enjoyed your web site and listening to the music there.  Thanks for your hard work.  I wish my Dad was still here to enjoy this too.  He was so proud of "VAUGHN MONROE."
A renewed fan, Nancy 

Nancy Bittner

February 15, 2007

Read with interest the article in the Greensburg Tribune Review about Vaughn Monroe. Being a Jeannette native I also have a left-handed connection with VM. My father had a dance band and VM played trumpet, what else?, in the orch. I have a business card from that era, not sure if that was the band with VM in it, called the Dancelanders. My Dad and Fred DuChateau were the ones to contact. My dad was the pianist and Fred was on brass, mostly trumpet but also with his Dad on bass as I recall. They did some practicing at our home and I recall that huge horn in our living room. That was in the 1920s, being I was born in 24 (82) I do not have that much recall of the times. Fred DuChateau, pronounced du shaw dough (fast) was a good friend for many, many years, he outlived my dad who died at the age 59 in 1956. And the highlight of my junior year in HS was the VM band at our assembly,  quite a memory. One of my big band books has VM playing with Gibby Lockhart, that would have been about the same time. I often wondered if the historian may have gotten Gibby's band and the one my dad had mixed up. Would have been nice to have seen my dad's name in print. I would offer the card but there would be no way to associate it with VM. Thank you for listening. Incidentally my dad's name was Earl Fisher.


Paul Fisher

February 10, 2007